Wednesday, September 11, 2013

if you go, I'll follow

remaining a mystery1

"Don't be creepy. Just don't be creepy." It felt like it might be Leo's new mantra as he said it under his breath and hoped he'd never say it aloud.

When he awoke on Saturday morning, Henry wasn't there. It wasn't like anything had really happened. Yet, he knew he could really never tell Henry this, but Henry's nightmares were now his dreams. And he saved Henry everytime.

Even he creeped himself out. But he'd came all this way with his old bicycle with the chain dragging through the street. God knows, the last time he rode the thing.

"You said, you liked to fix bicycles now." Leo remembered as he couldn't help staring at Henry, like he was some sort of hero. He guessed that was creepy too, but he was just glad Henry was alive, and Leo wanted to make sure he'd be OK. Was that a bad thing?

Henry popped opened the screen door and went down the steps to take a look at the little trail bike. He was barefooted in his slim jeans and a faded blue V-necked T-shirt.

"So? What do you think?" Leo held on to the thing as if it was really important to him.

"I think you need a new bike." Henry let a smile slip, but he took it from him and headed toward the garage with it. Leo followed.

"So? You, didn't wake me up, this morning." Leo reminded him.

"I tried, but you really are a sound sleeper." Henry was digging through a tool box.

"Was I snoring?" Leo wanted to know.

"It wasn't that bad." Henry shrugged.

"I bet I kept you up." Leo was sure of it.

Henry just smiled and went to work on the chain and got the links in place.

"I slept." Henry told him as he made sure the chain was where it needed to be.

Leo guessed he should shut up before Henry figured out he was a dufus at heart. But his secret would always be safe with him. Always.

"So you want to go on a bike ride?" Henry asked.

"Sure. You're coming, aren't you?" Leo wanted to know.

Henry said he needed to get his sneakers.

Soon enough they were on the road. Leo's legs felt stiff. He was a lot taller now, than he was in middle school. This ride felt as if it was going to kill him at first, but then he got in the rhythm as he followed Henry down Lincoln road.

"I can pick you up in the morning," Leo said just as it was smooth sailing down hill. It was perhaps a small gesture, but he'd pick him up for school every morning. He wanted too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Henry is bonding with someone! :)

ivy said...

I think someone is waking up to..something ..too.

Sara Gerard said...

Awww! They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Bill is sure sweet when he's sleeping..=)