Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the midnight hour

Fish and Shan

"So did it turn out.. to your satisfaction?" Shan didn't mean to be so smug, but not once last year did he ever go to a football game with Henry, but he'd been at the game. Was that what this was about? Henry? What was really on Fish's mind?

"Maybe." Fish shrugged now as they found them a booth at the diner where everyone went after the game. Of course, they were the late ones. They'd gone back to Shan's for a little fun, but afterward they were hungry.

 "It was something stupid. I guess." Fish sighed. He barely looked Shan in the eye.

"How stupid?" Were they going to talk about Henry? He ordered them coffee.

"I did this thing," Fish said. "Josie had left this guy a note and I tossed it to the next table.  I was wondering, you know..if it was a mistake."

"Are you, playing cupid now?" Shan smirked.

"No. I didn't mean to mess up Josie's plan. Its just...I think Henry likes the same guy, she wanted to go out with." He looked at Shan as if he knew he was the worst person in the world. Still, Shan knew Fish was on Henry's side for some warped reason.

"Why do you feel the need to make Henry happy? Huh? What's he really done for any of us?" Shan couldn't help to be a little pissed. "Just don't do him any favors, OK?" He was smug once again. He didn't want to even have Henry in his vocabulary. They were done.

"Can you, just.. for one moment, think what it might feel to be Henry, right now?" Fish said ever so quietly as the waitress poured their coffee. "I don't understand it. I just don't. Do you hate him that much?"

The waitress put down the big slice of chocolate cream pie with two forks.

Shan waited for her to leave.

"Just let it go. Please? I'm tired of feeling bad about Henry." Shan wanted to stay mute on the subject as he took a fork and dug into the beautiful slice of pie.

Fish nodded. He took a bite.

"Josie was a lot nicer to that guy than I thought she would be." Fish then sighed as if this really didn't have anything to do with Henry, after all.

"Well, we both know that won't last for long. He'll figure her out, soon enough." Shan definitely didn't have Fish's high hopes for random romance.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Shan would give Josie a chance. :/

ivy said...

Oh..Shan, I think he's a little too moody, sometimes.

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Fish, always caught in the middle!

Lucy and Sarah said...

Fish is so caring!