Monday, September 23, 2013

Don’t tell me that we’ve come this far

"So what do you look at...when..when you, first see a girl?" It was a random question. Henry wasn't sure why he wanted to know. Perhaps he thought, he'd done a very bad thing when he said he'd be Leo's date. Maybe Leo really needed his very own date. And it should be of the female kind.

He'd gone with Leo to get a haircut. They'd looked for some clothes to splurge on for the event. Although, it was just thrifting. Still, he'd gotten Leo to try on all sorts of clothes. And yeah, Henry couldn't help but notice, Leo cleaned up pretty.

"Um, teeth," Leo said without another thought as he straightened out another suit jacket that was just a little short on his long arms.

"Teeth?" Henry blinked, thinking what kind of answer was that. "Are you, serious?"

"Yeah." Leo winced. "That was the first thing I ever noticed about Vanessa Hudgens. Like, you know, how did she get teeth like that? I hate my teeth." He took off the jacket. Henry knew at least Leo couldn't pull off plaid like he could.

"You're teeth look fine." Henry gritted closing his mouth wondering if Leo noticed his.

"So what do you, notice?" Leo looked at him as if it was time for his 21 questions.

"I'll have to think on that." Did he really have to answer the question? Didn't Leo KNOW?

"I think you, like tall girls." Leo nodded. "Pretty blue eyes. Girls who could be ballerinas." Henry was looking at him in the mirror of the dressing room.

How oblivious was he, thought Henry. Still that was part of Leo's charm.

"Don't think that's it." Henry winced. He hugged himself thinking he didn't even really know what had ever attracted him to anyone. Well, they were male. Maybe it was charisma.

He licked his dry upper lip ever so quickly. Did Leo not get it? Did he have to spell it out for him?

Evidently, Vada knew Henry. She knew. There was no way to run from it. Even if she hadn't said anything.

Henry was still gay.

Leo went to change clothes. Just the curtain between them. He could see Leo's bare skin as he took off his shirt. Henry turned away. It was true. He did want Leo all to himself, and yet it was best not to make so much out of it.

They were friends. It was enough to meet up at lunch and the occasional moments.. like now.

Henry looked through some cheap shades. That would be the finishing touches. Wear shades to this Homecoming dance, like they might be celebrities.

"Hey, where did you, go?" Finally Leo pulled back the curtain as if Henry were suppose to be waiting.

"You, should try these." Real aviators. Actually, look alikes and only a couple dollars. He reached up and put them on Leo's face as if he might be the new Leo DiCaprio.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Shades are a great accessory for a dance! :)

Mel said...

Teeth? Lmao
That's NOT the first thing I notice about guys... Hahah

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You mean, Leo and Harry?

Sara Gerard said...

They are so sweet together, but I think Henry needs to just be blunt about it.