Tuesday, September 24, 2013

what do you know

Josie and Dean

Camille couldn't take enough pictures of Josie and Dean. She hadn't felt this kind of happiness with Josie in a very long time. It was unbelievable. But it was happening, Josie was smiling and posing for pictures with her date.

Dean brought her a beautiful wrist corsage. Camille wasn't even sure if girls wore them anymore. He wore a suit and tie, but he was in his Chuck Taylors and Josie wasn't in stilettos, towering over him. She was in wedges, but nothing to shocking.

Camille had her doubts that Josie was over Ian, but at least Josie wanted Dean to have a good time. Camille was glad she was thinking of him instead of Josie in a pout waiting for someone to please her.

Maybe Ian had been too good to her. Camille didn't know what it was, but it was different this time. Josie wanted to go to Homecoming. She did want to make some genuine high school memories.

"I hope she won't break his heart, anytime soon." Camille said to Duncan after they left.

"Its just Homecoming." He gave her pat on the back.

"Yeah, just Homecoming." It wasn't Prom. Camille did wonder if Josie would make it through the year. Last year was a real downer. She didn't even think Josie went. She didn't talk about it. Henry was on her mind.

"Do you, remember anything about yours?" He asked as he went to make her a cup of caffeine free tea.

"I wore the worst shoes. My feet hurt really bad and of course, my best friend sneaked in some rum and spiked the punch. I actually, went to a homecoming that had a theme and you could buy a beer mug that came with the actual dinner before the dance." She remembered as if a good part of it was faded even if it felt exciting at the time.

"Are you, sure that wasn't prom?" Ducan cracked a smile.

"No, we had themes for everything. And dinners too. A fund raiser at every turn. Homecoming was for everyone, but the Juniors always made some money from that dinner. There parents did the cooking, back then." Something that never happened these days at school. She thought of all those amazing cream pies, custard, too.

Camille couldn't help but look for the ice cream.

Duncan watched.


"I dunno if hot tea and ice cream really go together." He shrugged.

"Maybe it does." She got out the bowls. "I bet you, went to homecoming."

"I couldn't afford it, but I watched from outside." He told her how he got kicked off the football team. He'd showed up drunk, but that hadn't stopped him even then, from crashing the gym. Even at homecoming. A little drunk.

"You've always been a little rotten, haven't you?" She gave him a bowl of vanilla ice cream. At least it was all natural from one of those Organic food places.

"Just a little." He winced in agreement.

She left her tea on the counter.

"How do you think you'd be now? You know, if you had to get dressed up for some..special occasion. Would you have to get drunk?" She sat on the couch with her ice cream.

"Well, I haven't been drinking in .." He was counting the months.

"I know." She smiled. "But lets say if we get married. You, wouldn't have to..you know celebrate..like that."

He stopped with his spoonful ice cream.

"You're very sly." He told her.

"Am I?" Camille winced with a grin.

Duncan only smiled. She guessed it was a yes.

Camille & Duncan


Cafe Fashionista said...

They're so adorable together! :)

Sara Gerard said...

LOL that was sneaky!

ivy said...

Maybe it was just an accident. I'm glad she spoke up.