Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't want to hurt you

Josie felt bad for Daisy for about 15 minutes. She did try to help her, but Daisy was adamant. She didn't want Josie's help in the restroom. She wanted to be left alone, so that's just what Josie did. She had a good time just like Daisy told her. She danced with Dean.

And it was like forgetting every worry she might have of Ian or what he might be doing. Perhaps it was a motion creating its own emotion. Somehow she felt at her best doing nothing with Dean. He was much better dancer than he admitted, and she followed his lead. They didn't exactly dance the waltz or even that close. Still she enjoyed his moves. Josie loved the laughter bubbling inside which might have given her more strength than she ever knew.

And then.. Roman walked in. He was the god of the drama club. Suddenly, she felt they had to stop dancing as if to worship him. Especially, when he practically cut in. Dean looked at him, a bit stunned.

Of course, Roman was taller, blonder and naturally someone that left one gaping, for the most part, after he was done.

But he hadn't asked for a dance. Josie should have figured as much. She was going to tell him her date was Dean and ..and...

"You know, we still haven't found the right lead yet for the play in December." He informed her. Funny, how a transfer student had so much power, already. Of course, he'd never known Sunny Wilson. "You, should try out."

Josie looked at him as if she supposed she'd been blessed, but she'd never been in a play and doubted her chances since she wasn't even in drama class. Still she felt a little dizzy. She barely nodded. Roman didn't wait for her to say anything, either. Like a sudden change in the weather, he soon passed as if there was nothing more to say.

Dean only grinned as if to be happy for her.

"I thought he wanted to dance with you," Dean said and Josie felt as if she might melt into tears. She didn't want to hear Dean's words. He was suppose to be fighting for her. Wasn't he?


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Poor Josie. :(

Just to let you know, I have a new name and URL.

Please update bookmarks to Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans .


Sara Gerard said...

Poor Josie! She has come along way just get continually hurt.

ivy said...

Well..hope she and Dean will figure out their relationship.