Monday, September 16, 2013

I don't wanna fuss

just stories

Leo hated band more than ever. It was ruining everything. He didn't live for band, anymore. Still it was all so puzzling. Just what was he after?

He was kind of clueless about this whole Homecoming dance too. He'd never been to one before. He'd been to the after party, where everyone showed up in their pajamas and were locked in the school until the wee hours of the morning. There were games and of course, food. Everyone said it was so much better than the actual dance.

Usually, he slept through the dance. Just his way of getting ready for the lock-in. He stayed awake for the whole thing. Of course, he never really felt a part of it. Exactly. He was there to watch. Cheer someone on. He never won anything big, and he usually drank up all the 2 litter sodas he'd win. By the time it was over, everyone looked like zombies. Except him, of course.

"Look, what I found." His dad woke him from his daydream that actually wasn't about zombies. Leo was setting at the kitchen table, not really doing homework.

Leo looked down at the scrap of paper.

I'm as dumb as a button.

"You remember writing that?" His dad asked with a sly grin.

Leo just glared at him.

"You, were a little kid. We weren't even sure you knew any words." His Dad told him. "You're a whole lot smarter than you let on."

Leo didn't say anything.

"You tried to sign yourself up for Resource in Middle school." His Dad clarified.

"I just needed more study halls." Leo sighed. "What are you, getting at?"

"Why do you want to quit band?" His dad pondered as he tilted his head slightly, staring at Leo.

"What's the point?" Leo let slip. "Its just..too much..OK."

"Is there anything you, want to tell me?" His Dad asked.

Leo shook his head, no.

"I'm trying to study." Leo informed him, but someone was on his mind.

"You know, you can talk to me about anything." His Dad looked in the fridge for something cold to drink.

"I know." Leo waited for his Dad to leave before he pulled out his phone. He was tired of texting Henry.

"Hey," Leo said when Henry picked up. "So, is Vada your date, or what?"

"Well, Cody asked her first, but then they needed a technically...I guess you're my date." Henry explained.

"Oh." Leo was quiet then.

"Its not really a date, we're just going to a dance," Henry said. "Well, out for Chinese first, if that's OK?"

"Sure." Leo told him about his favorite Chinese place that made the best Hunan beef.

"I like that place too," Henry said he liked the broccoli beef.

"I don't have to wear a tie to this thing, do I?" Leo felt more like the driver than anything else now.

"I'm wearing one." Henry did love his bow ties. "But whatever."

Leo bit his bottom lip. There were going to be people.

Leo winced as if he wasn't sure he was up for any of this. Suddenly, he wondered if he could just be the chauffeur and stay in car, during the dance.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Leo needs a confidence boost! :/

ivy said...

Oh..Leo. I think his dad wants the best for him, too.

Sara Gerard said...

Leo seems awesome but shy! I wish he would have talked to his dad.

Natasha Gregson said...

Maybe talking to his dad will be best for him. Sometimes it can be hard to open up to parents but he sounds supportive :) Also I love finding little notes like that and old school work it always brings a smile to my face!

MOSAMUSE said...

so good!

Mel said...

Uh-Oh..Does Leo know he's Gay?