Saturday, September 21, 2013

never quite right

a friend indeed...

It was getting confusing. Juggling the 3 blondes.

What if they knew each other? It was always on Zac's mind.

And then it happened. He saw them together at the mall getting yogurt after a manicure. Somehow, Zac slipped away unharmed.

He couldn't let himself get in a sticky situation, after that. Of course, he usually had lunch with Luna, everyday at school. It was OK. She wasn't seeing Van anymore. But she was so sad. Zac didn't really want to listen. Yet she was there and well, he'd nod ever so often, wondering just when either of them would get lucky.

Of course, it was a new kind of luck. Not as in hooking up. Just finding someone who could make you happy with one smile. That kind of thing didn't exist. Zac decided.

Perhaps, he didn't work enough for it. True, being on stage did make him intoxicated with happiness, but it didn't exactly transcend on the everyday stuff. Instead, it made him nervous when he was around the three blondes. He couldn't live up to any of their expectations. Evidently.

No, he really wasn't a rockstar. He really wasn't much of anything. Not even a real friend to Luna. It was even harder accepting the fact that Fish was with Shan now. That bothered him too. Yet, the naked truth was Zac was certain he was just selfish. Always would be.

So while he waited in the lunch line, gazing at Syreeta and Sawyer while not meaning too, he heard a voice from behind him.

"Would you please go to the homecoming dance with me." It was hardly a whisper.

"Why not." He said before turning around and giving a good look to the girl behind him. He looked straight in to her braces. She was a little taller than him. Yet a freshman. No makeup. Such stringy hair, but so fresh faced. It was hard not to notice.

"Oh." Her bright blue eyes were so shocked. She looked faint. "Sure." Her answer was quick enough even if she had to clear her throat.

She introduced herself. Spencer. She thrusted a quick handshake as she gave a slight look over her shoulder. There was a boy a foot shorter than her, but he was chatting up with a girl who was even taller than Spencer.

"Great." Zac smiled with a certainty. It was like a clean slate. Of course, he didn't eat lunch with her. They exchanged phone numbers. He went on his way with his salad lunch to sit with Luna.

 When he sat down. He was pretty sure he'd made a mistake. He really should have asked Luna to the Homecoming dance.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Luna would have liked that. :/

ivy said...

Maybe Zac will figure it out.

mazzymay said...

Oh, Zac..I hope he will be a good date.

Alicia Mackin said...

How nice it would be to have nothing to worry about except hanging out at the mall having yogurt and getting manicures ha ha! : )

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