Saturday, October 26, 2013

absolutely not

just friends

"I don't think its over." Ian found himself consoling Lola over the phone. "Maybe, maybe this is the break, you need. I mean, you have your studies and that's the most important thing at the moment. Crosby has to understand that. He does."

Ian lived in a little room above the pub now. He didn't want to tell Lola that he might get married. He didn't know if he should. Yet. He did and he didn't.

Jama did need his help. But would it be wrong?

Everything was happening so fast. Yes, he loved her. He liked being with her, but this was different. Her father wanted something forged in stone, evidently. He wanted someone to take over the pub, and he wanted Ian to marry his daughter.

It sounded like some old custom. Like a fixed marriage.

Now it was just confusing. Had she meant to suck him in, this way? Was there anything about love in their relationship to her?

Yes, the chemistry was there. But did she love him? Did he truly love her?

"Just don't do anything, you'll regret." If only, he could say the same thing.

But he did like his job, even if the hours were long and all the cooking and the cleaning and everything else, in between. The fact remained he wanted to be here.

"You, just miss, how it was, that's all." He hoped Lola was listening. There was so much he missed too, but he really never thought of it as home. Home was here. Evidently.

"Do you talk to Josie?" He felt the need to ask. Funny, she felt like a little sister to him now..even if he knew that wasn't quite so. "I just want to know if she's happy. That's all."

Of course, he wondered if he could think of her with another.


Mel said...

Ian is complicated.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

So many complications.


ivy said...

Oh..I think Ian is going through a lot. But he is a good friend to Lola.

Sara Gerard said...

Ian needs to really get it together, first he might get married, but then he doesn't know if he could see Josie with someone other than him? :(

Anonymous said...

Oh..that boy is confused!

London Loafers said...

Love your writing! :)