Friday, October 25, 2013

going in circles

Feels like Fall

Josie was still sad about not getting the part in the play, but she was head of props. She wasn't sure she liked play productions at all. It was a lot of work, but there was Dean to help her. They'd been going to yard sales to look for the little details for the sets. It was like finding a needle in a heystack, but at least it was fun to have Dean's help.

Now, she was stuck at the emergency room with Daisy. Of course, she called Max.

Naturally, he was reluctant to come, but she made him feel bad, how he wasn't the friend she always expected him to be.

"I don't know why I'm here." Max looked as if he was ready to go into the witness protection program with that very sad look of his. She wasn't sure who was more out of it. Max or Crosby.

Naturally, Josie wasn't much help to Crosby. She told him he should have broke up with Lola before she ever went off to New York.

"If she really loves you, she'll come back to you." Josie didn't like the phrase, but a part of her knew those would had been Ian's very words. As if he believed it, she hadn't heard a word from him. Just his annoying silence she couldn't dare let herself dwell on.

All, Crosby did was hug himself. He was worried about Daisy. Then Daisy's dad showed up who went to her. Josie knew Daisy didn't want any of this. Daisy looked a bit pissed with everyone.

"Oh, I think you know, exactly why you, are here." Josie glared at Max.

 Just as Josie expected, it was confirmed ten minutes later. Daisy was pregnant and she was dehydrated. She wasn't eating properly.

Max bit his bottom lip.

Josie didn't have to ask if it was even his. She could see he was in shock.

"Its gonna be OK." She put her arm around him, but he was more stoic than she ever thought he would be. She hadn't expected him to be this solemn.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope he's okay.


Sara Gerard said...

I hope Daisy is okay! What a shock!

ivy said...

Josie can be blunt!

Georgina said...

Wow what a twist! She needs to take care of herself and get properly hydrated!!! xo