Thursday, October 24, 2013

And then

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"Just tell me what happened?" Daisy would gladly listen to anyone else's problem. She didn't want to dare think of her own. And when she saw Crosby so devastated at her doorstep, she couldn't help but want to be there for him.

"Its over. Its all over." He sat on the couch on the brink of tears. She'd never seen him like this. Especially, about a girl.

"But..but you have to have faith in Lola. You, can't give up on her." Daisy was serious, even if she'd made some silly choices of her own, but this was Crosby and Lola, the most stable and normal couple she knew.

"I knew I should have gone to New York with her." He broke down, practically crying like a baby. Well, he was so somber. She never took him to be this romantic. "I've lost her, a nerd."

"What do you mean?" Daisy winced. Sure her phone calls and texts were far and few between with Lola. After all, Lola was quiet and not exactly one of those friends you entirely got to know. Yet, she gave you space and Lola was a very good listener.

"He was there. When we skyed. I know..he hates me." Crosby was furious. "I hate him. I hate him, Daisy."

"Just calm down." Daisy got out her phone and texted Josie. She needed reinforcements. Maybe Josie could say something to keep Crosby from going off the deep end.

She went to make tea. In a few minutes, Josie was there with Dean.

Daisy hadn't expected to see her with Dean. But then didn't Josie always need a guy? Daisy felt so alone, except she wasn't. Of course, Hansen was at work.

"Did you hear what Sara did to Max's car?" Josie didn't care about Crosby and his Lola crisis.

Daisy winced.

"What are you, talking about?" Daisy squinted harder. She wasn't exactly in Max's circle.

"She's been arrested. She went ballistic on him when he broke up with her." Josie thought she knew. Although, they hadn't exactly been keeping in contact, lately. Daisy was keeping to herself. And now she had a houseful of people.

Suddenly, she felt so dizzy. This was worse than she thought. She fainted before she could put some cookies on a platter.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Gah! Such a crazy turn of events...


ivy said...

Oh, Daisy..maybe she isn't sure she wants to face Sara with what she did. And with a baby on the way.

Sara Gerard said...

I hope that Daisy is okay! So much horrible news at once!

Sara Gerard said...

I hope that Daisy is okay! So much horrible news at once!

London Loafers said...

Awesome! :)
Loving the photo montage as well, very nice selection!


MOSAMUSE said...