Tuesday, October 8, 2013

as the days go by

who was it

They'd had a little scare a few weeks back. But it was a false alarm. Of course, Olivia thought it would take the doctors forever to figure it out. Naturally, Luc's mom and her mother visited.

"I dunno, if it could be a good thing." Olivia guessed they got along. She was soon home, and she didn't start the school year, like she'd planned teaching. Maybe that's what upset her the most. She'd been teaching at the deaf school for years.

"It has to be a good thing. Its great how they get along." Luc was all grins about it. Besides, his mother brought enough frozen food to suffice them for months.

Possibly, Olivia just didn't know how embrace it quite like Luc.

"But, my mother." Olivia couldn't think of anything else to say about her.

"My mom says that your mom said that you were avoiding her." Luc let slip while he was going through casseroles to see which ones he thought they should eat first.

"Well, I'm not," Olivia said as if all the frozen casseroles made her a bit queasy. Maybe it was true. She thought it best not to have to be around her mother. She'd let her Dad do all the work. After all, he still had her mother, her's mother boyfriend and their kid at his house. "I just don't.."

She'd hoped his family wouldn't find out about her mother. She guessed. But she was too tired to think about it.

"Mom, had a great time with her. She says your mom is bubbly and so talkative." Luc shrugged as if all was not awful, even if Olivia couldn't help but scowl about it.

"Look, my mom's not perfect." That's when he told her all about Kayla. "Besides, I'm a little ditzy, too." He smiled. "We can't all be organized and on schedule, like you." He helped her off to bed to rest.

She sighed, thinking now she wouldn't want Luc any other way. Even if his cooking consisted of fried bacon, late night cereal and remembering the days when all he ate was beans and rice.

"I will call my Mom." She really hadn't given her the time of day when she was in the hospital having false labor pains.

"I think my Mom is taking your Mom shopping." Luc said from the kitchen while he was microwaving some mac'n cheese for Olivia.

"What could they possibly be looking for?" She winced as he brought her something to eat in bed, on a tray that his mother left.

"I dunno, a wedding, baby shower. Could be all in one kind of thing, for all I know." Luc was oblivious to that kind of talk, as usual.


ivy said...

Oh, I'm sure its an exciting time, but I'm sure she'd love to be teaching, too.

Sara Gerard said...

Sounds like the moms need to get more involved!

mazzymay said...

I hope she embraces the situation.