Wednesday, October 9, 2013

undoubtedly possible

its the little things

Henry wasn't sure he was ready to go back to the library, but the more he worked the easier it came. Yet he wasn't really ready to get excited about it.

Instead, there was the play that Vada decided to try out for. She sounded like she needed help. She wanted him to read through it with her. Actually, she wanted him to read the play to her.

"But, we're suppose to do it, together." He looked at her as if she was making him do all the work.

"I know. I listen..listen to the part." She looked at him as if to go on, like she'd get the routine down.

"I don't understand." Henry sighed. They were in his livingroom, standing around as if they might shout at each other, holding the scene on paper.

"I'm not that good of a reader." She finally confessed.

"Well, how about Clash of Kings? You're reading that?" He looked at her as if that wasn't exactly first grade material.

"I'm listening to the CD book." She told him Cody usually read to her. He'd read several of the Star Wars books that Henry gave her. "Its just, I can't ask him to do this." She winced. "Besides, he's..he's seeing Spencer."

"You're OK, with that?" Henry didn't think there was any loved lost.

"He needs a break from me." She almost smiled, yet not. "But, I need this. I want to try."

So he read. She listened. They went through the scene.

"Well, writing the words down, always helped me." He got out a notebook. "That was the way I learned to read. If it was a word I liked, I'd ask my mom to write it down. Later, if it was something I really liked, a book, a movie..I'd jot my thoughts down about it, too."

"What are you saying?" She winced as if it would make her fingers hurt.

"Well, give it a try. Its like rewriting notes. Let yourself think the words." He laid out a note book with baby blue notebook paper at the dining table.

Vada got started. He watched. Her hand was steady and her print wasn't so bad. He smiled.

"What?" She looked at him, then.

"You're going to do fine. You'll see." They'd get the whole play memorized. She'd know everyone's part before it was over.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Henry is such a sweetheart! :)

Sara Gerard said...

AWW! They are so cute!

MOSAMUSE said...

so sweet!