Thursday, October 10, 2013

openinng wounds

Lets pretend

Josie hated it when Halie wanted to chat, lately.

There was rumor of a wedding now. Ian getting hitched.

It sent her reeling. Wanting all the more something to happen with Dean, but he was steadfast as they came.

Oh, he'd smile at her. She thought of how he kissed her forehead once, even on the cheek. It was like he didn't kiss lips. What was wrong with her?

"What's wrong with him?" Halie insisted it couldn't be her. Maybe he was gay. "Maybe, you just aren't his type."

It made her all the more sad, because she did like having him around. And he would stay after work, to go over the play with her. He was quite good at making her a better actress. Honestly, she wished he was playing the main character. But everyone knew who that would be. Dean wasn't even trying out and he could certainly play up the part.

But it didn't make anything really happen.

Yes, she'd drive him home. He'd say goodbye. She'd even leaned in, thinking it would be her chance for a good night kiss.  Only, he sighed, edged away. Then a smile.

"Good luck, tomorrow." He gave her a little pat, and went on his way.

Then the day came. It felt all so wrong. The reading. Roman was dull. No expression. How could she react to that? She'd been so happy in the scene with Dean, now she couldn't capture the emotion if she even tried.

She felt rather grim when it was all over. Dean wasn't even at the library, waiting for her when it was over.

"Is he sick?" She'd asked.

"He doesn't work on Thursday nights." Fish shrugged.

If only she could text him and he'd come running. But nothing, other than "Hang in there."

She was hoping now that Roman really liked her. At the moment, she didn't think anyone did.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Josie shouldn't be so hard on herself. :/

Lucy and Sarah said...

Hopefully, she won't jump to the wrong conclusion.

ivy said...

Oh..she's a mess. I'm sure the play alone is stressing her. Too bad Roman has to be so odd, too. But she shouldn't give up on Dean.

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Josie! Things just don't seem to be going her way!