Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm not in a hurry

a heavy heart

Henry kept dreaming how he'd kissed Leo that night on the tailgate. But he didn't. And it pained himself that he was like this. He wished he wasn't so sad. Yet, something so simple could really make him happy. Or would it be enough?

It felt odd talking to Fish about this.

"I just want him to be happy, that's all." Henry left out that he wished he'd kissed Leo. After all, he was trying to get on with the covering of books. He had a lot on his plate, lately and still just a volunteer.

"Maybe he'd be happy if you, said what was really on your mind." Fish shrugged as if he wouldn't dwell on any particulars. "But of course, I never would. I'm not that bold."

Henry looked at Fish who was at his desk, doing computer work. Fish scanned another barcode and typed in some info. Fish really was patience. Obviously.

"What do you mean? You, would have never made the first move?" He guessed he'd been wrong. So wrong about him and Shan. But obviously, they were happy. A certain kind of happiness that he'd never seen before in Shan.

"Look, times, I've ..tried." Fish sighed. "Didn't do me any favors. Still, you know, maybe you want to step it up."

Henry shook his head, no. He was Leo's friend. But he did want more. Only a little more.

Just then the backdoor rang at tech. It was a late Sunday afternoon. Probably donations. Henry looked through the peep hole. There was Leo and a girl.

"Is this a bad time?" Leo wanted to know.

Henry shook his head, no as he let them in behind the heavy door.

Leo introduced Henry to Essie.

He looked at Leo blankly as he shook Essie's hand.

"He won't shut up about you." She smiled. "So I said, why don't we drop in."

They'd came back from a rather long lunch at the OUTBACK. Naturally, Henry could think of fancier places, but then he knew that was a favorite place for just about any celebration with Leo's family.

Henry kept smiling, but he had to wonder if Essie already figured it out, like Vada did. Was it that obvious?


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish Henry wouldn't worry so much. :/

ivy said...

I think it'll work out.