Monday, October 21, 2013

no drama please

No Drama Please

"The first thing you, have to do, is tell your Dad." Hansen shrugged as if it was as easy as making pancakes with Bisquick. After all, Daisy told Hansen everything about her mystery trip over the summer with Max. If she could tell him she was pregnant then she could tell her dad.

 Hansen thought her Dad was pretty cool. He liked barbecue, Arrowsmith and chopping vegetables.

Now, Hansen wasn't so sure what he was suppose to do. About living here. It wasn't exactly his problem?

"OK, tell Max first." Hansen sighed. It was a toss up. He decided.

They were chilling in the livingroom and he was watching the Weather channel.

At least, Daisy wasn't crying now. She looked better. He guessed. Of course, a part of him wanted to say, he'd do whatever she wanted. But there was this other part of him who felt it was time to go. Or at least stay as far from this situation, as possible.

Maybe a few months ago, he would have considered her problem his problem. But this wasn't his kid. It was Max's. And he didn't exactly want to be the solution. He didn't mean to be selfish, but he'd met Julie.

At least had someone to go to local concerts with. She was the bubbly sort. She never met a stranger she didn't like. It was actually fun.

No, he didn't travel much, but he liked his adventures with Julie, who was always after a story. They went to CD parties and After parties in the local music scene.

The last few weeks had turned out enjoyable. To some, it might be a rock'n roll lifestyle. To Hansen, it was something to do on the weekend with a friend. Possibly, he'd end up in the same boat with Julie that he was with Daisy. He hoped not.

This was definitely enough drama for him.

"Just talk to Max. You, two have to figure it out. Together." Hansen switched the channel to something Daisy preferred, something on THE CW.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Drama is never a good thing. :/

Georgina said...

I love all the pink (and I love the CW just like Hansen) xo

Sara Gerard said...

A hard situation, but I am glad that Hansen is talking to her, even if he feels like he should stay out of it.

ivy said...

Oh..Hansen..I wished she appreciated him more.

Anonymous said...

I really love your stories!

Mel said...

That's so funny about chopping veggie!