Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One Bad Thing

always right

Asa was frantic when he found Max's car. Of course, he was worried about Max, who was still in shock that Sara would do anything so bad.

Asa called 911. When the cops came around, a neighbor came out. They'd heard Sara and they recorded her on their phone. There it all was on video for the cops.

Max cringed. Asa was filing charges.

"I didn't think she'd..go this far." Max was devastated.

"You, are staying away from her." Asa informed him.

"Its all my fault. All my fault." Max wasn't exactly listening. "Do we really have to involve the cops?"

"Yes. We have too." Asa was livid. "She slashed your tires! And you, were here when she did it."

Max confessed that he'd stayed in his room, practically hiding from her. He told him about how he'd broke up with her over the phone. He looked physically ill now.

Asa told him that he was glad he didn't confront her. He didn't want to imagine how worse it could be.

"Its time to let the cops take care of it." Asa thought this was a wake up call. How much worse could it get?


Mel said...

I'd press charges too.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

This is starting to get scary.


Sara Gerard said...

It is kind of a crappy thing to break up with someone over the phone, but that kind of reaction is extreme!

Georgina said...

Oh yikes! It's good they recorded it with their phone xo