Thursday, October 31, 2013

Never let me go

never let me go

"You're stealing my bras aren't, you?"

Ash looked at Lola as if she must be mad.

"What?" His laugh was almost a cackle. "Me? Steal your undies?" He kept smiling, wondering if this was a disagreement, of some kind.

They'd just come from the party back stage at the off-off, terribly off Broadway show that his infamous mate was in, Hedwig.

Sure, they'd had plenty to drink. A couple. Enough to stumble in to each other. He was holding on to her as if he didn't want her to go off the deep end or go off with her own Halloween madness. Of course, Halloween was over and all Saint's day was here.

He shook his head, no. She looked fab without a bra under the slim tank top. Of course, she was mostly covered with that old grey sweater of hers. There was a chill in the air, but they kept each other warm.

"It was probably Denny, really, I'm not into parading around in your undergarments." He assured her. "Look, Darby came down from Vancouver, and Denny's set on going back with him. So we have the place to ourselves."

Perhaps there, was no need to prepare her, but he didn't want to keep his secret from her. He did want to be with her. Honestly, he was in love. A passionate kind. Still, she looked at him funny, sometimes, and if he could not be of this world. But he was.

He held her hand until he couldn't take it anymore. He kissed her hand. She looked at him as if she was his audience, and he was about to perform for her.

"I want to marry you. I really want to be with you, Lola." As he said her name, he liked the way her name felt on his tongue. He completely adored her. "You know, you're my Hermine and I'm your Harry Potter."

If only they could hurry this along, a little more. Maybe. Finally, they found their way to the subway and got on board. It was such a lonely place at this hour. Everyone, must be at a party. He guessed.

They found a seat. Together. Honestly, he didn't feel so alone anymore.

"You're just drunk." She looked sleepy.

"But I'm not." He planted a lingering kiss on her lips. She needed to take him seriously. Not many did. Sure, he was that talented kid. Funny, how everyone had him figured out to be something he really wasn't.

So, she had a boyfriend. But they fussed so much. How could that be love?

Thankfully, she'd came with him to the show, the last three nights. The first night, she was reluctant to go. But he caught her smile. After awhile, she was OK. She could get over her high school beau.

After all, Lola spent so much time, talking to Ash. Talking about life, the world, their little world at the Uni. He'd helped her with studying. They read each other lines during laundry for his drama class.

He wanted it to be real.

So, he hadn't done all the physical. That was Denny's suggestion. He was so physical. Hard to believe they could be such best mates back in school. Denny was the footballer and Ash was the nerd.

He knew Denny didn't know a thing about love. He had no time to observe it, yet he was lucky. Pure and simple. He wasn't really an actor, either. But he'd been discovered on the train and well, here he was bouncing around the country with barely twenty bucks to his name. He didn't even look twenty-one. Ash was a year older, and they called him a lost little lamb.

"Please, just say you'll marry me." Ash said once more as if it would be an adventure. "I'll give, you all I have, and more."


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

This isn't going to end well.


ivy said...

Is this a trick or a treat???

Sara Gerard said...

Oh no, I don't think this will be good at all.