Friday, November 1, 2013

such a rush

"OH MY GOD. Are you, daft?" Darby cracked up as he listened on his cell. His big teeth exposed a grin.

Denny looked up at him with a bit of a scowl, as to what was really going on.

"Who is it?" Denny was saving his minutes, for important phone calls. That meant not picking up phone calls when Ash buzzed. Of course, Ash better damn well pick up if he were to call him. That was their system.

"Ash got hitched." Darby was still laughing.

Denny squinted fighting for the phone then. They hadn't exactly found a palace to crash in. They were officially squatters at the moment, and the place was really kind of creepy, but he wasn't going to dare tell Darby he couldn't live under these conditions.

"Hullo." Denny needed to hear this for himself. His best mate got himself married. Denny tried his best not to over react as he listened to Ash tell him, how they'd gone to Atlantic City. Denny was in disbelief. How could this be?

"Have, you, totally lost the plot?" Denny couldn't help but ask. He really wished he was back at Ash and Lola's. Darby wasn't nearly as clever as he thought he was when it came to home essentials.

He guessed he'd get used to the new fact.

"Well, you're going to Vancouver." Ash mentioned.

"Oh really? Did I say that?" He eyed Darby. He was having second thoughts. Wasn't New York City where actors came? Of course, they went too.

"Don't tell me, you aren't going to that audition Darby got for you?" Ash asked.

Denny just winced as he looked over at Darby in his old army jacket. Denny liked how things were. Ash taking him in. Taking care of him.

Yes, Darby was his boyfriend who he hadn't seen in over a year. He'd been completely loyal to the ditzy bloke. But now, he did wonder if Darby had done the same for him.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

We'll see where his loyalties lie...


ivy said...

I hope Denny isn't jealous of Ash now. Darby might not trust him, either.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, a lot going on!