Saturday, November 2, 2013

Keep it to yourself

Lola and a boy named Ashley

Seriously, Lola could say this was nothing like that free e-book she got, but never read, Waking up Married.

But she'd said it just the same when she called Daisy with the news. Yes, Daisy was the first Lola called who immediately said, "ARE YOU INSANE!"

So Lola hung up on her and called Ian instead. At least he wouldn't scream at her.

"'re all right?" He was concerned about her safety, as if she'd been kidnapped and married against her will.


Still it was a let down to come back to the dorm and realize it was impossible to move their beds together and the only possible resource to their name was the lunch card to the University cafeteria.

"Well, there has to be an explanation, doesn't it?" She could sense the laughter in his voice. She smiled too.

"I'm actually doing this." Yes, there must be an explanation, but she didn't really know it. And she knew she should feel guilty. She would. Shucking Crosby like a second skin. "I am. I got married. And.." She couldn't say it was possibly real. But last night was not what she expected. And they'd honeymooned at the shore. Ash wasn't like anyone she'd ever met. "Its a relief. Really, it is."

"A relief?" Ian sighed as if she'd been the bold one, all along. "Does your mother know?"

"No." She was still thinking what to say to her. Milo, her brother, moved out some time ago. He was engaged to Quinn. It seemed the wedding was pending. Quinn's family wanted them to save some money up. Wait until Milo got his degree in computer maintenance. "Ash says we'll go home at Christmas. See his folks."

"That's great. We'll get together." Ian made it sound as if he was back, not in England.

"Yeah, I'd like that." She kept smiling.

She heard the blender then. She guessed Ash was making a power shake. He was full of surprises.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope this goes well...


Ann said...

That is quite exciting
waking up married.

ivy said...

It will certainly be an adventure.

London Loafers said...

Awesome, as usual! :) Happy halloween !