Friday, October 4, 2013

no need to hurry

I still like you

Henry didn't know why he showed up, but it felt like a refuge of some sort, being around Vada even if he was starting to think she might not be so nice. She was suppose to be on his side. Here she was questioning him about Josie, and now Leo.

It would be so hard to talk to Josie. All those questions. He couldn't look back. Not now.

Still there was Leo.

"He wanted me to spend the night, after the dance." He bit his bottom lip. "I just couldn't." He shook his head. Henry didn't want to think about the consequences. What if Leo figured it out? And if he did..what if he..was offended..or worse..never wanted to speak to him again.

 "How did, you know?" He wanted details. What were the signs? Was it that obvious?

"What? You and Leo?" She smiled as if she might truly hold some magical power. "Your smile. How you are around him. He could tell you horrible jokes, and you'd laugh as if he might be a genius." She sighed. "But he's just the same. He likes you. He really does."

Henry wasn't so certain.

"I want us to be friends." He could manage that. It was enough.

"What about your old friends?" Vada looked at him as if he did need to make amends, especially with Josie. "I know she misses you. Dean is not you."

"He shouldn't get serious with her." Henry couldn't help but warn Vada. "Give Josie and inch.. and she takes a mile. Maybe, that's why..."

"Maybe, you need her, more than, you think you do." Vada sighed as if he was wanting her to carry the weight of the world for him.

"You don't have to hurry this along with Leo, either." Vada told him.

"What have you been reading?" He looked at her as if maybe she was too wise for her own good.

"Just Clash of Kings. Of course, it took me a week to read the prologue." She admitted.

A faint smile soothed Henry who was certain now she'd get along splendid with Shan. Henry should have known,


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Harry's lucky to have her as a friend! :)

Sara Gerard said...

They are good friends!

ivy said...

I'm glad he has her to talk too.

Anonymous said...

Its good they have each other. Hopefully, he's going to get back to seeing his old friends.