Thursday, October 3, 2013

it won't be long now

like it or not

Vada didn't know what to do about Cody. She was losing him. She didn't want to be sad about it, so she did her best not to think about it. He looked so happy with Spencer these days at school.

"How come, you never talk to Josie, anymore?" Vada hadn't meant to sound so mean, but if Henry was going to show up at the house like this, then she'd ask any question she wanted.

Homecoming was over, and there was this Halloween Party she wanted to go too, but she wasn't sure she wanted Henry to have anything to do with it. Of course, she couldn't see herself sneaking off to it. Maybe it was best if she stayed home, but it was a Star Wars party. Vada didn't want to miss it.

Still it bugged her about Josie. She didn't want Dean to let things go with her.

"Nothing to talk about." Henry shrugged as if maybe he were indifferent about a lot things too. Maybe it had something to do with Leo.

"You've got plenty to talk about." She felt like shoving him, but she wouldn't lay a hand on him. "I hear she was your best friend." She'd overheard Josie speak about him to Dean.

"Was." He sighed as if to let it go. "I'm not that person anymore. Really. I don't want..." He shook his head as if it would be awful to think about the past. No matter if it were good or bad.

"She thinks you're a snob." Vada looked at him as if he were only thinking of himself and no one else.

"Did she say that?" Henry winced as if he didn't like the word.

"Maybe." Vada shrugged as she set down on the steps of the front porch. He scooted in as if he needed to take a load of, but it wasn't about Josie.

Here she was afraid Josie would be a snob if she got in good with this Roman. It was a matter of time. Vada didn't know why she thought Henry could do a thing about it.

"Sorry." She was apologetic then. " how's Leo?" She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"Fine. I guess." He shrugged as if he would never really know.

"I dunno why you're like this?" She looked down at her denim KEDS sneakers. They'd soon need to be stashed away for boots, come winter. Of course, all she had were the ripped white snow boots. How lame would those be to wear to a Star Wars party?

"Like how?" He did seem troubled. She thought.

"He likes you. He does like you. And you... Its so obvious." She nudged him as if they were old friends and she knew him. She was certain. "You're not that good of an actor."

"And I guess, you, are?" He was a bit sullen.

"You think?" She smiled as if he could be right. Maybe she'd go out for the play. Competition never hurt anyone.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope it works out! :)

ivy said...

Vada may have a point. Telling Henry what some people might think about him. But I think its a catch 22 situation.

Sara Gerard said...

Such an odd situation.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Vada won't go there alone.