Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Something Sweet Something Strong

believe in your style

Dorian knew immediately his mom nor his dad were all that crazy about Ruben. They had good reason. The incident last September was still fresh on their minds when Dorian met Ruben at Willow and Jules' wedding. Dorian's alcohol poison was definitely tragic and Ruben hadn't taken any responsibility then.

"But he's changed. He has," Dorian said to his Mom a couple of days later when she stopped in at the coffee shop, and they could talk about the dinner because they were precisely nice at the meal. Now his mom gave him an earful.

"Besides, I need to focus more on..on a career." Dorian hoped she'd see Ruben wanted to be here for him. He wanted to help with his education too. "I don't know if..if I could be a full fledged veterinarian, but if I could help out at animal hospital..that's what I want."

He was tired of pondering and figuring himself out. Besides, he felt he'd wasted plenty of his time wondering if he'd ever have the perfect relationship. Maybe he was thinking too much.

"You aren't the one living with him. I am. He wants to make things right. And we have." Dorian wasn't sure it was all that important to get his parents' blessing.  "We are engaged."

He'd seen how his mother reacted when he showed her the ring. She looked as if she had a bad taste in her mouth.

"We, are getting married with or without you." Dorian looked her in the eye. He did have a backbone, and it was useless thinking he could please his parents, anymore. He knew he hadn't been a bad son. Still, he was not who they'd hoped he would be. He couldn't change.

"What's the point?" Her question only made him soured.

"Why can't we?" Dorian wanted to know.

She didn't have an answer for him. He figured as much.


mazzymay said...

I think its great they want to be committed. Sometimes, parents mean well, but I hope they'll embrace the situation to make it positive.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope no one ruins this for them. :/

Sara Gerard said...

It sucks that he had to tell her when they were fighting. Supposed to be a happy moment :(

Sara Gerard said...

It sucks that he had to tell her when they were fighting. Supposed to be a happy moment :(

ivy said...

Well..sometimes parents don't know best. Sometimes, we need to make our own decisions and not let our parents make us feel guilty.