Tuesday, October 1, 2013

like a rare gem

"Dean, you know she likes you." Vada glared at him. Did she have to remind him what a good time he had with Josie. Vada witnessed it. "You need to..I dunno..make her see..you're the one. Not..not that Roman whatever his name is." She rolled her eyes.

Dean cracked up.

"I think she would be happy with him." He shrugged as if it were no big deal. Yes, he liked Josie. He liked being her friend. He was still in shock that she'd even speak to him. "He's her type."

"How do you know, he's her type?" Vada was getting bitter as she was cleaning the kitchen.

"Wasn't her last boyfriend a blond?" Dean didn't want to be Ian's replacement. Exactly. After all, he'd replaced him at the library. "Besides, what do I have to offer her?"

Roman had money. He was a rich kid. Deep down, he knew Josie liked the finer things in life.

"I never liked her until..until you, came around. She's so much nicer when you're with her. I hate to see her a spoiled brat, again." Vada made a face as she found something nasty in the fridge that needed to be thrown out.

"I seriously doubt I have that kind of power over anyone." Besides, he was doing his best to find the good in anything. He'd ruined his chances of a scholarship. He'd be lucky if the Army would take him. It was hard to stay optimistic. Besides, he'd been abandoned as a baby. Sure, he could feel his heart full of envy. The fact remained he was on his own by the end of the school year. This was just temporary.


Mel said...

Oh..come on..he knows he likes her. He can't just give up.

Anonymous said...

I really love the name Vada. Such a strong name.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope he comes around. The two of them are perfect together.

Sara Gerard said...

I hope he listens to Vada!

MOSAMUSE said...

great name! u always have great names


ivy said...

Hopefully, Dean will find a way to make things right with Josie.