Monday, September 30, 2013

moving on

not gonna happen

Jason's wedding didn't happen.

"Heather said her self, that she was glad she saw his true colors." Ruben pointed out.

Weeks, even a month passed, and it was still on Dorian's mind.

"You have to stop blaming yourself about everything." Ruben sighed as if this was a type of illness that found no tomorrow.

"OK." But Dorian looked sad. He always did. In spite of Ruben giving him a ring. It would happen. They were getting married, and it wasn't going to take a year to decide on everything, either.

They hadn't told Dorian's folks yet. As it was, they didn't even know he'd moved in with Ruben.

Possibly, the Jason matter didn't have anything to do with it. Dorian nervously set the table.  He'd gone to great lengths to prepare  a real meal that didn't have meatless products.

Actually, Ruben was delighted in a real ham and mashed potatoes. It was a feast.

Of course, as much work Dorian put into healthy eating, Ruben was smoking again. Only something to calm his nerves. But if Dorian caught him, he'd snatch the cigarette from his lips and put the thing out.

Ruben promised to be on his best behavior.

"So they liked your last boyfriend." Ruben squinted, thinking it wasn't that big of a deal to Dorian's parents that he was gay. He was thinking positive.

"Well, Luc wasn't gay." Dorian smoothed a napkin.

"Right." Ruben really wasn't fond of Luc. It was mutual.

The door bell rang and Ruben looked at Dorian, thinking they were definitely matchy match in their V neck Tee shirts. Ruben's was purple and Dorian's was pink. At least, Dorian was in black skinny jeans and his Chuck Taylors. Ruben hoped he was a little more professional in his tan Dockers and leather loafers.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Let's see how this goes...

Sara Gerard said...

Hopefully it goes well!

ivy said...

I can understand if they don't like Ruben.