Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not far from the tree

better not bitter

"Oh, my God." Camille couldn't help but peek out the front window. She gritted, at the thought of Josie all over some teenage boy on their drive way.

She winced, thinking this was Josie's problem. Why hadn't she noticed before?

"How can she be like that? In the front yard?" Camille squinted harder. At least, Duncan hadn't came over to take a look.

"Maybe its just spring fever in the fall." He finally said, as he looked up from his book.

"I don't ever remember being anything like that..when I was her age." Camille sighed. "I remember there was this boy I liked and yes, he made me smile.. a lot and we talked a lot. We were, you know, out on the lawn, just talking, about whatever it was he wanted to talk about. And then, this middle school girl came out of nowhere and actually pounced on  him. It was so crazy." She sneaked another peak behind the curtain. "And now..I've raised someone, just as bad."

"Maybe, you're just seeing things." Duncan shrugged as he put his book away.

"No, this is real." She sat on the couch with him. It wasn't like she'd mentioned anymore about them getting married. Perhaps, that was just a dream now. He hadn't brought it up. But now was not the time. "I mean, you'd think, after all she's been through, she'd..well, not be such a man eater."

"A man eater?" Now Duncan chuckled.

Finally, Josie came in. Alone. She shut the door behind her. Camille got up and Duncan went to the basement as if he knew he didn't need to be here for this conversation.

"What are you doing?" Camille found herself asking.

"What?" She looked innocent enough now.

"You, are going to scare that poor boy." Now she sounded just like her mother. Camille crossed her arms.

"But I like him." Her big eyes stared intently.

"I get that. I think he likes you too, but..but you can't rush into this. You, did this with Ian. You.." She didn't want to remind her about Derrick. "I just want you to enjoy someone's company, without..I dunno. careful."

"I am." She smirked.

"You, aren't over Ian." Camille told her.

"I am over him." Now she sounded bitter. "He's getting married, you know."

"Its a mistake. It has to be a mistake." Camille shook her head. Maybe Ian wasn't quite as normal as she thought he was. "I doubt it'll last, Josie. And you, can't use him as an just, think Dean will be ... what you need. He has feelings too, and..and...well, my grandmother always made boys sound like vampires. Its up to us, to keep them from..I dunno..what I'm trying to say, just get to know Dean. OK?"

Josie didn't say anything but went upstairs.

Now Camille thought it might be a good idea if she really got to know Duncan. She did know him. But this time, she was really going to listen. Maybe, it was best if she didn't bring up anything about the two of them ever getting married.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Camille definitely dispenses good advice sometimes. :)

ivy said...

I'm hoping Josie will listen to her.

Anonymous said...

The set is just perfect for this story!