Thursday, November 28, 2013

Finding Thanks

Finding Thanks

Gilly came home with Fiona and the baby. She'd had a little girl. Gill thought they had the perfect set, even if the baby slept in the day and stayed up at night. Her eyes were big and dark like his, but he was pretty sure she had Fiona's eyes and mouth. As it was everyone in the village said Iona was lovely.

At least he had a chance to stop in and see Ian, except it was Jama he found first down at the pub. It had been a long time, actually, since they'd been face to face. Perhaps a visit long over due.

"Where does the time go?" He grinned. He thought she looked younger than ever. She wasn't near as rough around the edges as he thought she would be. Probably would have been if she'd stayed with Jules. "I swear time goes racing by the days. It was never like that when we were kiddies."

She gave him a hug. Of course, she looked as if something important was on her mind. She agreed about time.

"That's why you can't take too long to decide what to do. Time just might get away from you." He left it at that. He knew she seldom ever went where her heart might take her. That was just too easy, he guessed. But as soon as he saw Ian, Gilly knew things were going to fall into the place. She just needed to stop fighting herself so much. It was easy to see Ian was right where he wanted to be.

Finding Thanks prt. 2

Derrick worked so hard on the Thanksgiving dinner. He'd never cooked for this many people before. He had Asa and Jane over with their kids. Also Kyle and his bunch were there. The dinner party just seemed to grow with Josie and Dean. Of course, Camille was still on bed-rest with the new baby. If that wasn't enough Jane brought along her mother.

Of course, Josie decided to help. However, she kept bumping into things and practically broke one of her Mom's dishes.

"What is wrong with you?" Derrick asked after the third thing she bumped into, fell off the kitchen island. At least it was a sweet potato. No harm.

"Nothing is wrong." She fumed.

"Oh really?" He didn't buy it. Why would she be in the kitchen with him, otherwise? "You and Dean have a spat?"

He really hoped they made up because he liked Josie better, when Dean was around.

"Ian called early this morning." She sighed.

"What did he want?" Derrick asked thinking Ian never called him.

"He said he was sorry that he's been avoiding me." She hugged herself as if she wasn't sure she entirely believed him. "God, you'd think I was just his little sister, after all we've been through." She swelled a frown as if she hated him even more now.

"He can't help but care about you." Derrick felt bad now for making their relationship all about him, when he knew in fact that Ian had nothing to do with it now. "At least you talk. I know its my own damn fault..the way I left things with him. He's a good guy..And.."

"He's gonna be a Dad." She said ever so quietly. She was straight lipped. Maybe sort of soured. Derrick didn't know what to say. Maybe there just wasn't a good answer at the moment.

Finding Thanks prt. 3

Hansen was too tired to even think about Thanksgiving. He'd helped  Daisy's Dad with the food truck all week. He knew he'd have to get to bed early so he'd be ready to go at mid-night in the truck. Crosby helped too. He was not in the best of mood, knowing Lola was back with a husband.

Of course, there really wasn't a thing in Crosby's house to eat, but  Ramen Top Noodles. They'd been focused on about every aspect of that truck and hoping Black Friday would give them a good start.

Just when Hansen grabbed the last banana on his way to his room the doorbell rang. It was Sara.

"We want you, to come to Thanksgiving." It was hardly noon yet.

"Well." Hansen shrugged. He really hadn't planned on getting out of his flannel pants.

"Oh, come on." She tugged at his hand. "We have so much food. Crosby can come too."

"They always say turkey makes you sleep." He took a gander outside. It was getting colder. Hansen winced with a shiver. He hadn't thought about how the weather might be on Black Friday. "I just need to get my rest for tomorrow. Actually, tonight."  He was thinking they should hit the streets by ten tonight. People might need a cup of coffee or something. Hopefully. They were banking on breakfast burritos, muffins, little apple pies. Anything you could eat with one hand.

"Its not an all day affair." Sara promised.

"Sure. Why not." If she was inviting him over, he couldn't say no to free food. He yelled for Crosby. Change of plans. "Is this casual, or not?"

"Casual." She shrugged.

He looked at his bare feet. He should probably wear jeans and his trusty black boots.

"I could help you tonight. Tomorrow too." She smiled. "Remember I used to run the register in the 20 items or less isle."

Hansen smiled. He liked that she wanted to help with the foodtruck.


deb said...

I think Derrick is right on this one. Also great to see Sara wanting to help Hansen.

ivy said...

So happy that Sara asked Hansen to Thanksgiving.