Friday, November 29, 2013

After thoughts

before the storm

Daisy really didn't want to go out. She'd made it as far as Josie's and parked herself with Camille and the baby. She was mesmerized.

The baby's lips were so delicate. Daisy couldn't help but watch the baby slumber. Her little fingers so soft and tiny. Daisy could hardly phantom having one of her own, in about seven months or so.

Still, it felt like a far off dream. She might as well have been waiting to jump off a cliff. She was that scared.

And there was the guilt. She knew Max felt about her differently now. He'd been so quiet during Thanksgiving. They'd ended up at Derrick's Thanksgiving feast.

They'd left her Dad at home. Even that made her feel guilty. Of course, he'd slept to get ready for the foodtruck prep. She'd wondered what Hansen was up too. It wasn't like he explained much to her anymore. He was rather mute too.

Perhaps she was just losing her hearing.

"You, OK, Honey?" Camille asked as she put her hand on Daisy's back. Immediately, Daisy thought she might crumble, but Camille was there to catch her. She hugged Camille as if she was the only one who might know how she really felt.

Daisy tried to tell her she was OK, but she was overwhelmed with tears. Just how was she going to get through this?

little curses

Henry knew he shouldn't think about it so much. But what if Leo's parents didn't figured them out.

"What if your parents don't believe you? That you're really dating me?" Henry pressed his lips tights as he set with Leo in the crowded food court. They'd rummaged through the massive sales and came back with last year's hits on DVD and a few novelty T-shirts.

"They will." Leo shrugged. It wasn't much of a promise.

Henry bit his bottom lip. Sure, there was a time or place for everything. But he really wished he could announce at those youth nights they went to at Leo's church that he was Leo's boyfriend. But Leo didn't want to make a scene.

"Its not like I'm trying to hide anything." Leo said as if Henry was just going to have to let it be. "Its not complicated. Its not like we have to wear T-shirts saying who we are and who we are with, you know."

"I know." Henry didn't mean to make a big deal out of it, or did he? He was happy that Leo was his boyfriend.

Leo's lips curved up ever so sly. He took Henry's hand as if being subtle was better. After all, Henry was happy. Thanksgiving had been great at home. He was happy Vada was there, and he thought now that maybe his dad had really wanted a daughter all along. His dad hadn't been this animated in a very long time.

give me a reason

What had Sara got herself into?

Her feet were so tired, but she knew Hansen must be even more tired. He'd worked nonstop. Of course, it didn't really start hopping at the foodtruck until about midnight. Crosby stuck it out until about 8 in the morning. Even then Hansen told her she should go home, but people kept coming.

They'd found a hot spot in the Target parking lot.

Sara wouldn't let Hansen be stuck by himself. She ran the cash register and he made the burritos and later the eggrolls. Some people wanted both with their coffee.

She almost said "What ever floats your boat." Sara decided just to smile and say Thank You and invite them back.

Still, it was back breaking and by the time she got home, parts of her were already asleep. Yet she kept twisting and turning in the covers.

She kept seeing Hansen's face, and how he'd reminded her. "Don't you know? Daisy's having Max's baby."

Sara didn't want to be mad about it. She didn't. Yet, several times, she'd jerked herself awake. Imagining, she'd hurt Daisy in some way.

She didn't want to think that way. She didn't.

Then she'd feel how tired her limbs were. It was as if she'd gone to bed in wet cement and woke up in concrete. Her body ached and so did her mind.

If she let herself, her mind would fill of waiting on so many customers, and watching Hansen wrap food in foil as if it might have been professionally done. He'd tried his best how to teach her. Maybe, she was catching on.

She didn't want to think about Max anymore. He was no longer her's. He never would be. He never really was.


deb said...

It was as if she'd gone to bed in wet cement and woke up in concrete. Her body ached and so did her mind. Love this line!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

She's carrying so much heartache right now. :(


ivy said...

I feel really sad for Sara.

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

awesome collage!