Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Its getting to look a lot like Thanksgiving

ricki and shan

Shan would be the last to admit it, but he was rather fond of Ricki. Maybe it was actually Jewel. Or the fact Ricki wanted to trust Shan so she'd showed him just about ever thing to baby proof him. Just in case, he needed to watch Jewel. Of course, she rarely ever let him. It was usually something major like a doctor or dental appointment for herself.

Even so, he was pretty good at all that Daddy duty stuff because of her. Topher wasn't exactly in the picture, lately. He was off to school in pest control.

Ricki wasn't at all happy about it. Yet, he'd have his own truck and make his own schedule. The health care would be great. But she wasn't really sure it was worth it. Naturally, Shan gave her a pep talk ever so often that it would be.  But as the days grew colder and no Topher near, she was getting depressed.

It was a lot like living with a widow, he guessed. Of course, he didn't want to think that way. But he could see she was sad that everybody was doing something for Thanksgiving, but her.

Lena was going to Tony's parents. Shan was spending Thanksgiving at Fish's.

"You can come to Fish's house," Shan said without even asking Fish, but he knew it would be OK.

"Its just..I want to have Thanksgiving here." She looked so hurt that everyone was going to be gone.

"No, you don't. Let someone else cook for you. You'll be so tired, you won't even enjoy it." Shan reminded her as he took Jewel to hold for awhile before Ricki put her in that contraption she carried her in. Jewel was getting too big and heavy. Besides. Jewel liked to stand on Shan's thighs and steady herself as if she might be getting ready for a trick in the circus.

He watched her bottom lip as a bubble appeared before a drool. She was a very serious baby with such dark eyes, but her hair was so blonde and skin so fair. Shan was awe struck that she could be this content with him.

"You're coming with me, to Fish's house." Enough said.

"I could make a pie." She said in thought.

"Make an apple pie. I'm not that fond of pumpkin." He told her. After he said it he knew he should have said Make Topher's favorite. But he wasn't someone she liked to talk about.

"Its not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie." She sounded blue.

"Thanksgiving is for turkey. Christmas is for ham." At least it was that way with his grandmother. Of course, she always made a feast of rice noodles and kempshi too. She had a way of making Thanksgiving just a little international.

"Maybe you should buy something new. You know, dress up." Shan looked at her as if that might make her feel better.

She looked a tad out of it in her sweat pants and baggy t-shirt. It was hard to say if she was getting fat or too skinny. OK, she was lost in that outfit. She was getting skinny.

Ricki shrugged.

"Go, take a shower. Jewel is fine with me. Get dressed and we'll go to the mall." He told her to scoot. He doubted she'd find anything she liked, but there was always soft serve yogurt to get too, if nothing else.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm so excited for their Thanksgiving!!


Sara Gerard said...

Sometimes people just need to be told what to do to get them going.