Monday, November 25, 2013

little circles

Vada before Fall set in

As happy as Vada was to have her brand new room.. still she felt so guilty. She knew this wasn't a random thing being put here with Henry's family. There was so much she wanted to know, but was sure it was best just to be thankful that it happened.

"I thought I'd be spending Thanksgiving with you," Vada said to Dean. "You know, it'll be so sad, wondering if..." It brought her to tears. She'd miss the mess. All that loudness. It would definitely be prim and proper with Henry's father around. She was kind of scared of him. Not that he'd done anything, other than be pleasant. Still, it wasn't what she was used too.

"I'm not even going to be home." Dean shrugged as he waited for her to get her books out of her locker. "Josie invited me over. Derrick will be doing the cooking." He made a face as if it couldn't possibly be good. "Guess, I'm running interference, between those too."

"Are you sure you want to be there?" Vada winced thinking that would just be weird. After all, there was a history between Josie and Derrick. Now they were sort of like siblings. Strange, indeed.

"Of course." He winced as if it wasn't a problem. "Her mom's taking it easy with the baby. I think Derrick invited some of his family too. Well, kind of family. Asa and Jane. Dylan will be there."

Vada bit her bottom lip. It was family.

"You, don't think Ren will be too mad, do you?" She asked about her foster mom. She hated to leave her so all alone. She did have a husband, but he worked in Chicago and only came in, ever great once in while. It was how they made ends meet. They'd had one daughter, who was grown now. But it was always this way. Ren stayed home with a house full of kids and Charles was away.

There was less at home now. Dean seemed to be the mainstay.

"She's got Evy. She'll be there for Thanksgiving." Dean walked with her to class.

"Evy? Have you heard from her?" Vada winced wondering how Evy would take it. Vada moving in with some family.

"Evy couldn't sound better. She's a cheerleader, you know. At the University." Dean smirked.

"Good for her." Vada smiled. She really did want good things for Evy even if they were never the best of friends.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm glad Vada is like that - feeling happy for others, even when she isn't close to them. It's a beautiful character trait.


Sara Gerard said...

Vada is really growing up, I really like her character.

Chidiogo Maxwell said...

Absolutely amazing!

ivy said...

Oh..its beginning to look like a time for friends and family.