Sunday, November 24, 2013

never enough

Denny can't decide

Ash knew instantly there was no way to win Lola's mother over. He'd heard stories about her from Lola. After all, this was a mother who'd been away from her daughter an awful lot. Why was she so pissed now?

But he wouldn't make much of it. Besides, Denny was back in Vancouver with Darby. Denny was being a baby, too.

"You've got your stinking TV show, mate. So do something." He said over his phone. He didn't mean to be so harsh, but this was the break Denny had been waiting for, now wasn't it? Being on a teen show.

But Denny was still on the outs with Darby. He didn't trust him.

"So move out on your own. You're making money." Ash rolled his eyes thinking he best be by Lola's side before the whole bunch turned her against him. "I got me, own battles to worry about, you know." He couldn't be in the bathroom long hashing out with his best mate.

"But I miss you." Denny was almost crying.

"Well, I don't miss you." Ash couldn't do a thing about it. After all, he was in Omaha. "You're on you're own kiddo."

He winced when he said it. Seriously, if Denny was going to be such a baby..then. "Just pack it in and go home." He had to have enough cash now to get him a ticket back to England.

Denny didn't say anything.

"You're gonna be fine. You will." Ash really was tired of being his cheerleader. But he was beginning to think Denny was always wanting something better tomorrow. And now he knew Darby was someone he liked to say was his boyfriend, when really he couldn't stand to be around him. Ash hoped that never happened to himself.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Denny is one of those people who always needs reassurance about everything - so frustrating.


ivy said...

Poor Ash..glad he's setting his friend strait.