Saturday, November 23, 2013


Lola and Ash

"Are you sure we can leave this wonderful place?" Lola was being a tad sarcastic about their dorm room that was more of a dump than anything at the moment. Yes, they'd let a lot of things go, because one thing would not be forgotten. The two of them. Together.

She hated to see the room this bad. Books in the floor. Leftover fast food was everywhere. She could only live on Ash's crockpot beans for so long. Now the pot was soaking in the sink. She snarled her nose up thinking how could they just leave that here.

But Ash stuffed as much as he could in their backpacks, he didn't seem all that bothered with the mess. Instead he took a picture of their last kiss before they left their room for the airport. After a speedy run to the cab and even more of a dance to get to their flight, it happened all over again. Another immediate and passionate kiss, that might have disgusted everyone, of their undying love.

Of course, as little as he was, she could have given him a piggyback ride through the terminal, but instead, they held each other close as if they might be in a toe-sack race.

Finally, they were up in the air and Ash was all grins. She grinned back. But she was a nervous wreck.

"Its just Thanksgiving." She finally sighed without a thought in her head about Crosby. She looked at her little wedding ring with a blue gem stone (hopefully). Ash bought if for forty bucks at a gift shop when they were at the casinos in Jersey. She guessed the marriage was legal. She hadn't really challenged the idea that it might not be.

No, this was a marriage on hope, love and faith. And who cared what anyone might say. This was her husband. And he was definitely not gay. So Lola was ready to fight for her Ash when they got home.

Oddly, she wasn't expecting a crowd when they got off the plane. They'd both slept, listening to Ash's old MP3 player. And of course, held hands. He would never let her go. And her lips might never be not chapped again.

There was Josie and her new boyfriend. Even Daisy came along with Max.

Lola winced wondering if something was wrong. Were Daisy and Max back together? Finally, she remembered Josie telling her about Daisy and the baby. But she wasn't wearing maternity clothes so Lola didn't really know.

Ash was happy to see everyone. Lots of handshaking. And then Lola met her brother's eyes, sitting there in his wheel chair with Quinn by his side.

"Where's Liam?" She wanted to see her 4 year old nephew.

"He's with Mom." Milo told her.

"You, actually left him with Mom?" Lola squinted in disgust. What really bothered her the most was that her mother wasn't here to greet them.

Olly Alexander


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Somewhat overwhelming for Lola, it seems.


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Wow, they have some passion!