Monday, November 11, 2013

not like the old days

among friends

"Why? Why is this happening?" Josie didn't sound like this was a double date as she festered a frown sitting in the booth across from Henry. At least they squeezed in some time to go out before the school play production. It was hard to tell if she were bitter just about Max and Daisy with a baby on the way or what Lola had done, ran away with a practical stranger to get married.

"Just..just try to be happy for them. Will you?" Henry looked at Leo thinking this was a mistake. The two of them going out with Josie and Dean, dinner and a movie.

Dean was so quiet. Actually, Henry did miss Ian, who got along with everyone. It was hard to believe Ian had even been Derrick's boyfriend,once upon a time.

"This is about Ian, isn't it?" Henry stared at Josie, not even thinking Dean might mind the question. Dean went for more iced tea while the question caught Josie off guard.

She gave him a look that he was not suppose to ask about Ian. Her fingers instantly clung to Dean's forearm when he came back to the booth. Dean looked as if he'd finally woke up.

"Ian might get married." She said ever so quietly.

"Seriously?" Henry's eyes opened wide. He felt bad not including Leo in any of this, but he didn't seem to mind. Leo bit into another fry.

Henry guessed they should have gone to the Saturday night pot luck at the church youth center. He was still not sure he was ready for such an event. They needed a few more dates. Besides, he couldn't imagine Leo's parents all that keen on their son dating a guy. Plus, Henry knew the rumors circulating about his past when he ran away. Who'd want their son going out with someone like him?

"Yeah. I thought, you knew." Josie fumed about the Ian situation.

Henry licked his dry lips and looked at Leo. Maybe Josie was right, so many things were changing, he took Leo's hand. He didn't mind taking things slow. He thought of himself as a turtle longing to be in  his shell, but he did hope for something different with Leo even if everything seemed to be happening at the speed of lightening around them, these days.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Slow and steady wins the race. :)


Sara Gerard said...

I think they need to pace themselves, it seems like everyone else is in a rush! So much going on!

ivy said...

Oh..they should just be happy where they are and not hope to get in to anything they don't want too.