Sunday, November 10, 2013

what remains

what remains

Sara had to run into the convenience store for some tampons. Granted, they were over priced. Since she wasn't exactly allowed to drive anymore (parents' rules), she sprinted to the nearby Quicky Mart. She grabbed some gum and a soda pop too.

Her luck, this might be the only place that would hire her. There was a midnight shift opening. She studied it for a moment.

Life was so grim now. Her parents weren't happy with her. She hated living at home. A part of her felt like running away, but she was sure the cops would be after her.

So what, if this offense against Max's car was the first thing on her police record, they weren't going easy on her. She'd had to go through a series of psychological evaluations. There were classes for her anger management.

How was she ever going to get through this?

She looked up to see Hansen with some blond. He wasn't with Daisy? What did that mean? She scurried to get in line as if she was quick as a squirrel ready to get up a tree.

She didn't look at him. Maybe he wouldn't recognize her. She wasn't wearing makeup. Honestly, she didn't want anyone to know her. She kept to herself now. It was like the old Sara never existed. It was impossible to think she even wanted to be the new Sara.


Hansen was in a daze. Not quite sure what to do. He'd slept one night in his truck, already. He'd slept on Julie's sofa. Of course, she lived with two other girls, and it wasn't nearly as exciting as some might think.

There were girl quarrels over the silliest things, like deodorant and who ate my Cheetos.  Hansen was seeing a whole new side of Julie. Maybe she wasn't as hipster as he imagined. If they were going to keep their friendship, it was probably best if he didn't move in. Even if she said he could.

Sleeping in someone's livingroom wasn't exactly moving in. But they were out doing the usual. Getting ready to go to a show.

"Hey," Hansen said as soon as realized it was Sara in line. "Where have you been?"

"Oh. Hi." Her words were quiet. She didn't really smile. She looked as if she were under the weather. "I'm really studying, you know. College."

"Oh." Hansen didn't know she even graduated from high school. "Wow, that's great." His smile was easy going. "Call me some time. We..we should talk."

But she only looked as if she was about to cry.

"Who was that?" Julie asked as Sara was leaving.

"A friend of mine's girlfriend." Hansen said before he could think. He supposed Max had broke up with Sara by now. Hansen nursed his bottom lip, wishing he knew the right thing to say to Sara.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Poor Hansen. Poor Sara. They are both in such bad / awkward positions.


ivy said...

Maybe its good they did cross paths.

Mel said...

I have to wonder if Julie will think of Hansen different with Sara around.

Sara Gerard said...

I liked seeing this side of Sara, I think it makes her slowly realize that she needs to take responsibility for her actions.