Saturday, November 9, 2013

where there is a will

Where there is a will

Milo didn't know what to think.

What had gotten into his little sister? Lola was a reasonable person. At least he used to think so.

"Well, Mom wants you, home for Thanksgiving." Milo said over the phone.

"I don't see how. I mean. I can't." Lola told him.

"We will find a way." Milo wished he could pace, but he was still stuck in his wheel chair. Not that much had changed. Yes, he was taking classes and still working part-time at the library. If everything went as planned, by the spring, Quinn might be the new Children's Librarian since someone was retiring and she'd be bumped up to fulltime.

"But what about Ash?" Lola kept saying her new husband's name over and over. He had to wonder who's benefit that was for.

"Him too." Milo closed his eyes. Instantly, he thought of Crosby. "Have you even told Crosby?"

Milo wasn't sure to mention it, but Crosby had called him about Lola. He was so worried when he couldn't get through to her. Finally, he came over and Milo told him about Lola's phone call to their mother.

Crosby was instantly ill, like a bad case of flu did him in. He couldn't even talk.

"Do you have to bring him up?" Lola sounded as if she couldn't even speak Crosby's name.

"You, really hurt him. You, better have a really good excuse." Milo couldn't help but say.

Where there is a will prt.2

Lola winced hard when she heard Milo's words. Her throat tighten. She couldn't speak. Tears got the best of her. Yes, she must have been the most horrible person ever.

"I don't..have excuse." She bit her bottom lip. "Its just better this way. I'm away from home, and I feel lost without Ash. You, just don't understand." They were good together.

She knew Milo might never get it. Maybe she hadn't grown up at all, but this was an adventure. Her adventure with Ash, who liked to have two crock pots going. One with beans and another with oatmeal.

They had a very tight budget, but they weren't going hungry. At least, not yet.

"I'm suppose to fly home with Ash at Christmas." She sighed. At least his family was paying for that.

"Here?" Milo winced.

"No. England." She said so loud. It woke Ash from what he was doing on his laptop with his earphones on. He looked at her.

"What if you, rent a car." Milo then suggested. "I'll wire you the money."

"You want me to drive from here to Nebraska? Its almost winter. Ash doesn't even know how to drive." This would be like asking for a disaster.

"OK, maybe Quinn can find a good deal." Milo said they'd find a way to get her home. Of course, she wondered if they'd ever let her come back here.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I hope there's a happy ending for everyone.


ivy said...

Such mixed emotions..but I'm glad Milo wants her home for Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Its not easy being green. I hope Lola is showing her mature side.

Ann said...

I feel for Crosby
so sad to be the one left behind
especially on holidays.