Wednesday, November 20, 2013

not an option

Not an Option

"Its not a date. OK." Hansen wasn't being very serious. In fact, he was just being silly. At least, Sara thought so. "We're just hanging out."

He'd came baring gifts. Some hot egg rolls.

"Shh..don't tell your folks I made these. It's Daisy's Dad's recipe." He said they would like them better if they thought her Dad made them. After all, Sara's parents were fond of Daisy's Dad's food even if she couldn't stand Daisy.

"Yeap, we might even put eggrolls on the food truck menu. Daisy's Dad." Hansen sounded like he had no qualms with Daisy and Max. Sara stared at him as if that couldn't be true.

Sara couldn't say the same. She'd rather stay home in her pajamas and stare at the TV. She didn't like going out anymore, but here was Hansen going through her closet.

"I mean, you could wear that, if you want." He looked at her in her flannel pants and night shirt. "But, you really have some nice stuff in here." He took a careful look at her jeans. "Nice." He gave a nod. "I wouldn't mind having those." He almost smiled when he looked at her, but he put the pants back on the hanger.

"You, can have them." She was even lipped, almost in tears.

"Really?" He looked shocked. "That's really nice of you, because I don't really have anything nice, don't have too."

She went to her closet, pulled them off the hanger and shoved him into his chest.

"Take them!" She felt herself shaking as if she'd taken a wrong turn, as if she might be a real psycho, but Hansen put his arms around her, and he let her cry for a good long while.

"You'll get through this. You will. You'll be stronger." He told her ever so quiet.

She shook her head, no. She didn't believe him.

"This is just a baby step. I got your back. I promise," Hansen said.

"But you've got a girlfriend." She blubbered.

"Julie? I'm just a little brother she never had." He wiped away a fat tear on her cheek with his thumb. "Come on. Find something to wear. You'll feel better once the music starts playing."


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope they'll both be stronger.


Sara Gerard said...

I think they need each other.

ivy said...

I'm glad Hansen is there for her.