Tuesday, November 19, 2013

not without cause

Not without Cause

Crosby felt like dropping out. He'd never felt so low before.

How could Lola have done such a thing? She hadn't even the nerve to tell him to his face as to what she'd done. Even in a live chat. She'd ran off with her roommate that she barely knew and got married.

So, yes, they'd had a bit of a spat. It wasn't a full blown argument. Sure he was mad about this Ash guy. He didn't know why she hadn't fixed this earlier in the semester about the rooming situation. Evidently, he knew why..now.

He was being cold and sullen. Why not? The world was being cold to him. And after finding out what was going on with Max and Daisy, he just wanted to be alone.

He wasn't even suicidal.Crosby was furious when Daisy asked him how he was feeling.

"How come I have to feel anything!" He said rather bitter and almost pushed her away when he was over at her house, but he wouldn't dare want to hurt her. Evidently, things weren't exactly peachy with her and Max, even if Max did move into the basement.

Honestly, Crosby wasn't sure he belonged anywhere.

"Don't say that." There went Hansen, coming to his rescue. It was just an accident that Crosby was there when Hansen dropped in for a last load of clothes. "Lets hangout."

"Why?" Crosby just wanted everyone to leave him alone.

"Chill, bro." Hansen smirked. He was just too easy going for Crosby. How could the guy just keep on going? Crosby didn't even know where Hansen was staying. It would be winter soon. "Just come with us to this concert. Its for the homeless."

"Who is us?" Crosby fumed. "This better not be a date."

"I can't really remember the last time I ever went on one those." Hansen shrugged. "Look, I have this friend Julie who does band interviews. And..and I asked Sara if she wanted to come. We'll just hang out. Its a good cause. Tickets are ten bucks if you bring a can of food. Otherwise, its twenty bucks at the door."

"You mean, Max's Sara?" Crosby winced hard. He wasn't sure if he was up for something like this. No, he felt like sleeping followed by not eating. It was his regiment, lately.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Crosby needs to be more open-minded.


Sara Gerard said...

I think it would be good for him to go out, even if Sara will be there.

ivy said...

Oh..Crosby needs to have some fun.