Monday, November 18, 2013

pins and needles

Faces of Ian

Ian smiled all over when he found out the news from Willow. Josie's Mom had her baby.

It was a sigh of relief to know everything went so well. Of course, he had a little bit of news of his own that he wanted to share, but he wasn't sure how Jama would feel about it.

He was on pins and needles, himself. They were having a baby.

Of course, he almost passed out when he was waiting for the stick test to reveal the truth.  Jama who acted as if she didn't care, but he knew she did. She was excited too. They'd both been happy, at least for 30 seconds.

It was complicated.  On one level her father did want them to get married, but they hadn't told him about the baby. He wanted Ian to take over the pub. But Jama hated the idea.

"We'll be tied to this bloody thing for the rest of our lives." She was in a pout about the ordeal.

"I'll be here with you." He'd shrugged the matter as if was no cause for such gloom.

"No, you'll hate me, sooner or later." She was really not happy about the idea of the two of them taking on the Black Cat.

"I won't hate you." But now he was beginning to think she'd hate him.

"Its Marco you miss, isn't it?" They'd discussed him more than once.

"No." She shook her head. "I was like a little sister, to him." Jama was getting depressed the more he asked about Marco.

"And I'm a little brother to you." Ian couldn't help but talk back. Why couldn't they be happy? Why did she have to be this way?

Now, they weren't talking at all.


MOSAMUSE said...

love the new header!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish she could find happiness.


Sara Gerard said...

There is a lot of stress on them right now.

ivy said...

Gemma just gonna have to grow up.