Sunday, November 17, 2013

taking a load off

ups and downs of Daisy

Daisy felt a little shaky about being here at the hospital. When she saw Derrick. she almost split, but then he might know the obvious. She really didn't want to talk to him. He was on his phone with Mitch, anyway.

"Look, you're gonna be fine." It sounded like a pep talk that maybe Josie was giving to herself, instead, but she was holding on to Daisy's hands and if she didn't want her to go anywhere. "You, have so much to look forward too. You're gonna do this. You are. And, you'll finish high school. Even go to college. You will. You,, are gonna be so great."

Daisy gritted.

"Max moved into the basement." Daisy was even lipped. It wasn't exactly perfect. They were at least talking it out. She hoped they were still friends.

"Where did Hansen go?" Josie looked at her as if Daisy let the wrong one in. "Is he OK?"

"I..I think he's staying with a friend." She hadn't exactly talked. He wasn't letting it show that he was mad, but he wasn't exatly happy with her, either. Daisy nursed her bottom lip. She knew she'd done wrong, but she had to keep a positive mental state. She was having Max's baby.

"You, two still talk?" Josie wanted to know.

"Not really." She didn't know what to say.

"You, really have a cool dad." Naturally, Josie mentioned how she didn't have a cool dad. Daisy hoped Josie didn't start the blame game with her Dad and her past, right now.

"You- must be so excited. Your Mom-" Daisy seized a grin hoping to change the subject. After all, she wanted to be here for Camille, Josie's Mom. Her dad wanted her to bring fresh spring rolls but Daisy was afraid too. "I left some food for you guys, in the car."

"Oh, I can get it." Derrick spoke up then. It wasn't long until he walked to the car with her.

"Max, already told me." Derrick mentioned as he walked with her.

"I guess you, two tell each other everything." Daisy said.

"Not everything." Derrick looked at her seriously. "I'm glad he has you."

Daisy nodded, but she felt she had the world on her shoulders. Just when would someone be there to help with that load? She wished she could look at the sunny side, but it felt just as cold as this grey day.  It was beginning to snow.

She unlocked the car door and handed him the box of food.

"Just as delicious as I remember." Derrick smiled.

Daisy looked at him wondering when he'd actually eaten her father's food.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Daisy.


ivy said...

Daisy may have taken a wrong turn..somewhere.