Tuesday, December 10, 2013

a big mess

Lena. Tony and Serena

Lena supposed she could say it was a big mess. Still...

1. She went home with Tony for Thanksgiving.
2. She got to meet his sister and his mother.
3. It was a great start. His Mom was thrilled to see her.
4. His little sister worshiped Tony like a teen idol. She was all of 15 with a smile of an angel.
5. Things were looking so good.
6. Then Angie and Tony's Mom had a blowout of an argument on Thanksgiving night.

Now it was just the three of them at Tony's. It was more of a bungalow than a house. Two bedrooms and one bathroom. He enrolled Angie in to high school. To keep the peace. Lena, guessed.

"Its only temporary." Tony promised. Of course, he'd made a lot promises, lately. Like promising to marry her. She didn't even have an engagement ring.

As Tony kissed Lena's forehead for assurance, Lena remembered what Ricki said. She should have never moved in. But Lena couldn't help it. Besides, Ricki wasn't married to Topher. Why did it matter that she wasn't married to Tony?

Still, Ricki had a point. Perhaps Ricki was in her own predicament that she wanted Lena to avoid. And there was Angie who Lena couldn't quite trust.

But Tony laid down the law, he informed Angie early on that there would be no special treatment. Sure, she was his baby sister, but if she didn't follow the rules and help around the house..he'd send her right back to where she complained about, all the time.

Actually, Tony thought maybe his Mom needed a vacation from Angie. Yet, Lena could feel herself getting stressed. She wasn't sure she was ready for this kind of parenthood. Thankfully, Tony came by it so naturally.

Anyway, it was back to college for Lena now. Her mom only called her once a week. Maybe it was time for her to start calling her Mom. Maybe they needed to really talk. Only Lena wasn't sure just how to start.


deb said...

I do enjoy reading your stories.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Such a bad situation - especially during the holidays.


Sara Gerard said...

wow, that is a lot to deal with after just moving in!

ivy said...

I hope Lena can manage through it.