Monday, December 9, 2013

Such a fine time for a trip

haley and dean at Christmas

Halie was on cloud 9. If not that..just plain giddy.

"I'm coming to America!" It was only for Christmas, but she was flying with Jonah, and she couldn't wait to call Josie about it. Of course, she'd called her in the middle of sleep.

"What?" Josie's voice was so droggy.

"Then I can meet Dean!" She was practically screaming like a little girl. It was hard to keep calm. She was so tired of having to put up with Gilly and kiddies. It wasn't that fun at Jonah's even if they'd moved into a bigger place. No way was she ever going to have kids now. They were so much work and Fiona and Gilly loved it. They were practically brainwashing Jonah about babies. She so needed to get him away from there. Even if it were for a short time.

"Halie," Josie said, but muttered something.

"Look, it might be best if I stay with you. Jonah's mum isn't really the radical sort like me, Mum. You know, she lets Jonah sleep over, whenever. Its no big deal. But you know, how you Americans are." Halie shrugged as if her best friend would be happy to see her.

"Oh." Josie cleared her throat and then said sure as if weren't that big of a deal.

"GREAT!" Halie was in full throttle.

Josie and Haley

Josie cringed when she heard Halie's laughter. Well, it was actually a scream of joy. Josie rubbed sleep from her eyes. Already, Halie was annoying her, but she couldn't exactly say anything.

She felt a little bad not being so receptive to Lola like she should have. She wanted too. But Lola was so damn happy with that Ash fellow. It was a bit irritating. Josie frowned. She wasn't nearly jumping for joy like Halie. After all, it was two in the morning when she called.

"What's the matter?" Halie asked, finally.

"Nothing." Josie put a thick lock of  hair behind her ear, but her hair still fell in her face.

"I bet you, aren't getting enough sex." Haley said ever so matter of fact.

"Oh, god." Josie breathed, as her lashes fluttered. "You, woke me up." She didn't mean to sound so angry. "My Mom has a newborn, you know." It wasn't easy getting a good night's sleep around here.

"I forgot about that. Please, make sure its OK if I stay with you?" Now Halie sounded a little blue. "Does..does she look funny?"

Josie winced. She should have never told Halie her Mom was having a Down Syndrome baby.

"No." Josie hoped Halie never asked a question like that, again.

"Its just..." Halie was seriously quiet now. "OK, I'm coming for the holidays..and..and I want to see your boyfriend. You, two are still going out, aren't you?"

"Yes." Josie didn't want to say too much because Dean was nothing like Ian. And her relationship with Dean was nothing like Jonah and Halie had, either.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope this trip goes okay...


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Sara Gerard said...

Josie is a little grumpy, but she has a right to. I just hope that she communicates with Hallie on the things that bother her :/