Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Its Christmas


Vada dreamed that Roman was there on Christmas morning, waiting for her as fresh snowflakes fell. And he was there with the sweetest present. Just a locket. A heart of gold. And it was for her. She didn't resist him this time. No, not when he wanted her to be a part of his world. She could leave this one behind. In his world there were castles and fancy cars and everything precious at her finger tips. It almost took her breath away.

It wasn't Christmas, yet.  Actually, it was.When she awoke, it wasn't even light out. She kept smiling even if she knew it was a stupid dream. It was only 2 in the morning. Roman wasn't coming. Besides, there was a sad feeling that she'd missed something. Had she gotten Dean anything?

Of course, as soon as she thought of Dean she thought of someone else. Now she couldn't sleep. Oddly, she thought she should go home. This didn't feel like home.

She got up and tip-toed downstairs. Surely, a bowl of Rice Crispies would do the trick. So she poured a bowl full, thinking she'd go back upstairs with it, but she saw something through the kitchen window. A shiver went through her.

Someone was out there. She stood still for a moment, holding the jug of milk steady. What if they saw her? But then she knew who it was outside the window. What in the world did Gage want?


Gage hadn't meant for Vada to see him. He wasn't actually sure why he was here. It wasn't like she was giving him the time of day, lately. He was suppose to understand. He knew they should keep their distance. After all, this was a second chance..and if..anyone..had known from before...

"I just wanted to see where you lived." He was honest enough as he shivered in the cold. Just a few hours ago he'd been over to Josie's house with Dean. He'd even met someone new. And English girl. Things were looking up. Why mess that up?

"Why? So you could stalk me?" She hissed as if she wanted him to stay away. After all, she was out on the porch all bundled up barely speaking above a whisper.

"I'd never do that." He told her, but it might be a lie. He couldn't be sure. After all..she was his first and somehow it would always come back to her. It wasn't all bad. "You, don't have to be scared of me." It was the truth.

The past was the past. It was kind of vague now.

"You..you look really good." It wasn't exactly a present she could unwrap, but it was the best he could do when he felt he was living off freebies these days. Wasn't it always like that?

"You. shouldn't be here." She informed him ever so hateful. That's what it was? Wasn't it? Just hate. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Gage only nodded. He should be home in the warm bed provided for him. But truth be told, he felt more lost than he ever did.

"Merry Christmas." His words felt stuck in his throat. After all, he just wanted to say.."I love you." Yet, he couldn't.


deb said...

Looks like trouble.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Oh, I wish he would just say those three magic words!!


Sara Gerard said...

Gage seems to not know what he wants!

ivy said...

Oh..he is trouble.