Friday, December 20, 2013

its that time of year

Its that time of year

It was as if Christmas came early. Well, for Aidan anyway. He couldn't wait to celebrate the news with his parents and Audrey's family too.

Thankfully, his Mom was in the holiday mood. Audrey didn't have to think up anything for the party. His mom was set with cookies and even cheeseballs. He brought the main course from work at the barbecue place.. so they were ready for a houseful.

Henry was there with his boyfriend, and Luc and Olivia brought their new baby. Even Oliver and Kayla made it to the family gathering. The house was full with Vada included.

"We're having a baby!" Audrey cut to the chase before Aidan did. He couldn't keep from smiling. His dad was happier to hear the news. He hugged Audrey as if she'd given him the best Christmas present ever.

There was more talk about babies. Like when would it be born. Before long Aidan felt as if his job was done here. Finally, Henry got around to him and put his arm around.

"So you're officially making me an Uncle." He beamed a smile.

"Yeah." Aidan bit a grin. It was good to see all the smiles and happy faces. Thankfully, his dad wasn't celebrating with mixed drinks. He was telling funny stories about Aidan when he was little. It was good for Aidan to hear how his Dad was about being a new Dad.

"I probably didn't know how to put a pamper on professionally until Henry was born." He informed Audrey. "I feel sure Aidan is a quick study. I don't think he'll fear babies and much as I did."

Aidan hadn't expected his dad to admit how he used to be when they were little. He did let his Mom do most of the work. Aidan vowed he would not be like that.

Just then the doorbell rang.

Henry answered the door. Aidan stared at the guy in the doorway. He was still carrying his backpack. Aidan knew his face. Sort of. It had been awhile. In fact, years.

"Carson?" Aidan couldn't remember the last time he saw his cousin. Last he'd heard he'd moved to Florida to live with his mother's family. He was out of school now, but he wasn't much older than Henry.

"Carson." Henry drew a blank. They had only seen each other on holidays. And those were very few. He was the son of their mother's brother. But no one could ever keep track of him.

"He's your cousin." Aidan did his best to explain. He knew Henry was upset that he didn't remember him. "Its OK. We didn't ever see him that much."

Soon his mother was over to talk to Carson. She went to help him get a plate of food.

His dad told him quietly that he had no idea the boy was even coming. Aidan looked back at Carson thinking he wasn't exactly a boy. There must be a reason why he was here. Aidan went to talk to Audrey then to see if she'd mind if Carson came home with them. It was a  pretty full house and the place over the garage where Audrey used to stay was a mess at the moment. It seemed his dad was waiting for spring now to fix the space up.

Audrey nodded. That was fine with her. "I'll just have to vacuum." The cats did love lounging in the guestroom.


London Loafers said...

Wonderful! :)

Happy holidays!


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I hope it's going to be a happy holiday for them all!


Sara Gerard said...

Oh wow, a full house and a new guest!

ivy said...

I wonder what's up with cousin Carson???