Thursday, December 19, 2013

truly yours

x-mas bliss

Ash was sure of it now, he didn't like traveling. Well, he kind of did, but it was too much for the winter break. He would have been just as happy if they'd stayed in their little dorm room with a hot plate, crockpot and an electric teapot to get through the cold days of winter. Maybe even improvise with a Christmas tree out of candy.

But instead, he and Lola were put through long dinners, even longer parties with all his family and so on, until he thought he could sleep walk through anything.

Honestly, he wanted to scream, "Not again!" when Lola wanted to take the train to see Ian and be there for his wedding.

"You, don't think I offended your Mum, do you?" Lola was at least wearing the horrid Christmas sweater his mother got for each of them. They were matchy match.

"We're wearing the freak'n sweaters. What more could she want?" Ash did his best to put Lola at ease. She had no idea it would be this far, but even on a gray was nice to be in her company as they held hands.

"You're her baby." Lola shrugged.

As painful as that sounded, it was true. His mum didn't let up on her baby boy. She had tons of naked baby butt pictures to show Lola. Even stranger, his mom couldn't wait until they had a kiddie of their own. "All those curls" his mum kept reminding them.

Yes, Ash had pleased them without even meaning too.

"Don't remind me." His brother Courtney was home now. Of course, he was oblivious to the both of them. Actually, he stayed quite drunk. That was his cure for the Christmas Spirit. Maybe it was good they got away when they did. Still, he knew he was going to have spend several days with the family once they got back from Lola seeing this old friend of hers.

"Just how close were you, two?" Ash found himself asking when he knew he didn't care. He really didn't care. Wasn't like he thought Lola might run away from him. She was right here holding his hand.

"We were friends. He was a good friend." She told him.

He nodded, thinking he was going to meet her ex. He didn't exactly meet her most recent ex at Thanksgiving. She avoided him at all cost.

"Did you hear from Denny?" Lola asked as if she was avoiding anymore questions by asking about Ash's very good friend.

"He's staying put." Ash shrugged. "I think he's hooked on the show. And he wasn't as homesick as he thought. Guess he worked it out with Darby." He sighed. "I mean, I thought Darby might be a squatter, of some kind. Didn't know if he was exactly legit." Ash squinted thinking he might have caused more trouble than he meant too. "But their fine."

Ash smiled ever so impish and kissed Lola on the cheek. He put his arm around her. Truly, he was right where he wanted to be.


ivy said...

I'm starting to like Ash.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

They're so sweet together!