Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Only you

thinking back

Cody was at a loss for words when he saw Vada at the mall. She wasn't alone. She was laughing with new friends.

Things were so different now. Last year, at this time, they'd be texting each other. Telling each other how awful Christmas would be. He'd try to cheer her up. Maybe it would snow. They'd go sledding. It really wasn't that bad. He remembered.

But now, she was somebody he didn't really know. Maybe he was different too. Spencer held his hand as if he might be her very own imp that everyone should adore as much as she did. They hung out with her friends. He didn't mind. It was as if he'd fallen into a great big cloud of happiness and couldn't find a way out. Maybe he didn't want too.

But Vada was walking toward him now. What was he going to do? Ignore her. He hated too. He didn't want too.

And then Spencer did the pleasant thing. She smiled and told Vada how great she was in the play.

"You'll be in the next one, won't you?" Spencer asked.

"I dunno." Vada hesitated to smile.

"But you nailed it." Cody jumped in as if he could be her biggest fan boy, after all. In spite of having a girlfriend of all of three months. He nursed the corner of his lip then, thinking he should really get Spencer something special. Still, he never had any cash. She did like the CD mixes he made for her.

"Well, I hope you have a great holiday." Cody blurted before Vada and her friends got away.

"Yeah, I hope you two have a lot of fun." Vada looked at him as if she was used to the idea of seeing him with someone else.

Still Cody missed her. He really did. He'd never have a friend like Vada, ever again.
better than a sweater


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish they were spending the holidays together. :(


ivy said...

Times are changing. I hope Vada is happy.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, Vada has so much going on.