Tuesday, December 17, 2013

when in doubt

high and low maybe even love

Vada knew where her mind should be. Yet the rest of the week during the play felt like she was on auto-pilot. Of course, she liked being that character. She wished she could be that character all the time. Maybe.

Not really, but since seeing Gage was back, it was the only way she knew not to think about him.

It was hard not to tell Henry, everything. Yes, she knew Gage. Or maybe she just thought she knew him.

A part of her wanted to believe he was the guy she wanted him to be. But he might be a sociopath.

At least Luna had surprised her. From the duration of the play production, she'd gotten to know her, even if she was only in costuming. There was Essie too, who she never thought she'd get to know, but the new girl stayed until the very end of the production with props and sets. She'd been the last to leave when it was time to take the sets down and everything in the prop room in its place.

It hadn't ended there. The three decided to go out after they helped shop with some kids Christmas shop at Essie's church. It was an outreach program for families in need. Seriously, this was what she needed to take her mind off Gage.

It was Christmas. And the lights shined ever so magical at the mall. Honestly, she'd never made friends like Luna and Essie. Even if maybe they were a bit of the outsiders.

"We should have brought Syreeta along. But I need to find her something for her birthday." Luna said as she spotted one of her favorite stores that Vada had never heard of. "I just don't know what to get her."

"Maybe  something homemade." Essie suggested.

"Like cookies?" Vada thought of all the cookies Henry was making. Vada did not like to bake.

"No. A collage. You must have a ton of photos of you and Syreeta together. It'll be fun. It can be part of the present." Essie shrugged with a smile.

"You, do that kind of thing?" Vada didn't mean to put her down. She was always full of surprises.

"Kind of."

"Its like scrapbooking." Luna said as she strutted on in her black riding boots with her denim leggins. She looked so confident. Vada wished she could be more like her.

"Its art." Essie pointed out.

"Its art, Luna." Vada nodded.

Luna went into the store full of luscious clothes. She was touchy with the flowy fabrics while Vada stood back with her arms crossed. She hoped no one would take her for a thief.

"You know, Roman likes you." Luna said ever so cooly.

Vada stared at her blankly.

"Well, I don't like him." She looked at Essie. "Besides, I didn't like what he did to Essie." She would not fall for that rich boy act of his. After all, he thought he was some sort of drama god, looking down on them as if he knew the only way to success. Something, you were born with.

"You, never said you went out with him?" Luna looked at Essie as if they needed to be more honest with each other.

"It really wasn't a date." Essie winced as she was looking at scarves and winter chloe caps. "I met him at a party." She was closed lip about it.

Vada knew it ended badly. She could tell.

"What would you know, you've got Zac." Vada shrugged as if she'd have what she was having if she could order it on online, somehow.

"Just a minute." Luna looked at the both of them as if they were so wrong about Zac. "We're friends. Just friends."

"Friends? You, are with him all the time. He brought you dinner from his Mom's every night." Vada pointed out.

"We just enjoy each other's company." Her lashes fluttered as a smile slipped.

Vada just knew she'd tell them she was in love, but she didn't. As it was, she went to the costume jewelry and spotted the chunky necklace she wanted to get for Syreeta.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Collages make perfect presents!!


Sara Gerard said...

I am glad that Vada is having a good distraction, these seem like good girls for her.

ivy said...

Its good for her to be surrounded by some good girlfriends.