Wednesday, December 4, 2013

just another dinner

just another dinner

Syreeta was glad Luna wanted to do this. Dinner at her house.

It felt a little different around Zac now. Maybe it was all Luna's doing. Honestly, she never ever thought the four of them would be doing anything together. But here they were, all so grownup, and Luna making something Italian.

Of course, they'd all helped out in the kitchen. It was a group thing. Luna wasn't having to do it all.

Naturally, Sawyer brought the gelato. Chocolate Hazelnut. He did have a sweet tooth. She thought he was going to get into it before they even set down to the veggie lasagna.

"My Dad might make me go to my Mom's for Christmas." Sawyer mentioned as he was putting it in the freezer. "He promised me I wouldn't have too, but she calls him all the time." He looked so sad. Syreeta looked over at Luna and Zac who looked so happy.

"Try not to worry about it. Maybe, he'll make her see that you need to have your own holiday. Maybe she'll come see you." Syreeta knew it didn't always work out that way, but sometimes it did.

They sat down to the hearty meal.

"I think you, have to go to one of those fancy cooking school now." Zac told Luna after one taste of the gooey casserole.

"Well, I'm glad this isn't turkey. We've been eating turkey all week." Luna informed them.

Just as they were passing around more rolls, Holden, Luna's step-brother, showed up from the basement, looking for something to eat in the kitchen.

"You, could eat with us, if you want." Luna called to him.

Holden looked as if he'd be unwanted company.

Luna went to get him a plate.

He finally came around and squeezed in between her and Zac.

Syreeta tried not to make Holden feel uncomfortable. Everyone went ahead and ate.

Syreeta supposed she should try harder to get to know Luna's step-brother, but she wasn't really sure it was her place.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I wish someone would make Holden feel more comfortable.


Sara Gerard said...

I like them all getting along! Holden seems interesting.