Thursday, December 5, 2013

thinking it through

Thinking it through

Olivia's due date came and went. It was getting depressing because all she wanted to do was sleep, lately. She wasn't fond of contractions even if they'd been false.

And then it happened. Her legs practically buckled one morning when she went to pour herself a cup of coffee. Thankfully, Luc was there and she had the baby with in three hours.

It wasn't until later they figured out she'd been having contractions for the last 27 hours. She felt a little ridiculous and yet such a survivor. Rain only weight six pounds with thick dark hair. They were home the next day, and she was already using the baby wrap that Ricki had gave her.

Honestly, Olivia didn't know if she'd have any feelings for her little boy. She couldn't help but see Luc in everything he did. Those eyes were Luc's and so was that smile.

"I don't see it that way at all. Thank God, he's got your nose." Luc wanted to watch the baby from his carseat, but soon enough Olivia had him holding the baby too, even cuddled up in the wrap like a bandage around Luc's middle.

Of course, they'd made a list of what not to do around the baby.

1. no TV.
2. no texting while holding the baby.
3. keeping him away from their cell phone or other electronic devices.

"But we'll deprive him." Luc couldn't help but say. Of course, Olivia was going to keep the baby away from sugar too.

"We have to try." She really wanted Luc to be on board, but she wasn't even sure she could keep a promise like this. She'd seen how little kids were with these electronic devices. She wanted Rain to have a healthy childhood.

At the moment, she kept the list on the fridge. She was sure she'd probably add to the list as time went on.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Olivia is an intense first-time mommy. :P


ivy said...

Oh..its interesting how things start out with a new baby. & how things change too...yet stay the same.

Sara Gerard said...

I think it is good to take precautions, but it is hard being a parent. Who knows how she will feel later on.

sandy sandhu said...

Great precautions. :)
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