Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lets make some music with some cheer

Christmas moment #3

Henry knew he was thinking a lot. Worrying too much. He knew that's what his counselor would say, but she wasn't here.

No, he enjoyed Christmas. Everything about it. From his Mom's special waffles with the fruit salad to Vada's attempt at knitting him a scarf.

"I'm too hyper to knit." She finally confessed as he fingered through the tightly woven mess.

"Maybe, I can wear it for a tie." He smiled at the thin red strip. Honestly, he had no idea how she got the thread so tight. That was a feat, within itself.

And then, he opened the CD mix that Leo made him. It was original electronic bliss. Henry couldn't help but smile when he listened to it.

He called Leo soon enough to see how his Christmas was going.

"Swell. Just swell," Leo said, but not nearly as enthusiastic as Henry felt. Evidently. "Big sis, is here and isn't too thrilled that Mom and Dad aren't making over her more."

"You, actually call her Big Sis?" Henry wanted to know, imaging some iron maiden ready to shape the house up with a shakedown.

"Maggie?" So his sister actually had a name. He always referred to her as MY SISTER. "Not to her face. She's been on a missionary trip. Building houses in Haiti."

Still, she sounded extra-ordinary. A saint of some kind. Henry had heard enough.

"When can you come over?" Henry wanted to know. It just wouldn't be Christmas until Leo got here.

Christmas moment #4

Kayla felt as if she were lost in the crowd. There was a houseful at her real parents house. Naturally, the ones who raised her were still out in Florida.

"Aren't they afraid a sink hole will swallow them up?" Her actual mother said, as she couldn't wait to hold the baby.

Kayla didn't have an answer for her. The mother who she was suppose to go to for everything was being ever so silent, lately. They did send out some Christmas cards with money. Kayla couldn't write them off completely. But seriously, she only wanted to talk.

There was Luc and Olivia with the newborn. And now all the excitement with Audrey and the pregnancy news. Yes, life was moving on. Kayla and Oliver were a part of it. She could have thought of Ian and his wedding, but she didn't dare mention it. Oliver only said it once about Eric going to England.

There was plenty to eat and even more guests. Dorian and Ruben showed up, and they brought a guest. Ruben's brother was in town.

Kayla couldn't take her eyes off of him. She was sure she was blushing and she felt silly, so suddenly. Garvin reminded her so much of the guy she was suppose to marry. She'd practically forgotten about Ethan. Suddenly, she felt light headed, and who was there to help her find refuge among the fudge and other Christmas sweets? Garvin with a spot of creamed tea.


deb said...

So sweet, Henry and Leo. I gotta wonder about Kayla's feelings for a stranger.

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Yikes! Kayla is in a bad place right now. What about Ethan?


ivy said...

Oh..Kayla..she's this loose cannon.