Friday, December 27, 2013



Her sisters were really mad at her. Kera only a year older and Mati only a year younger.

Furious, in fact.

"Well..I'm not gonna share him." Julie looked at the two of them as if Christmas already passed even if there were a few cold slices of cheese pizza left.

"Not like last time."  Julie shook her head, thinking she should leave Crosby alone, but of course, her sisters coaxed her into seeing him..on Christmas night.

Sure, it was an accident from before..last summer. It took three weeks to figure it out. They'd all dated Zac.

But Crosby, oh this was different. Totally, different. In fact, she hardly knew him. He was her friend's friend that she accidentally did something something with. She couldn't exactly explain it to them. They would freak and make her feel more bad than she already felt.

Even Julie shocked herself.

"Well, we want to meet him." Kera insisted that she bring him around. "Its not like we'll put him to the test, or anything."

Besides, it was just the three of them. Christmas was lonely this year. Their Mom was off with a new boyfriend, and they just couldn't stand their Dad's new wife. After all, she was only a few years older than they were.

No, this was the only thing they had to look forward to during the holidays..other than After Christmas sales.

So here was Crosby in their plastic Christmas livingroom. Glowing pink lights. It was sickening.

"Drink." Kera brought him Coke dozed with moonshine. Someone she worked with made it.

 Julie made a face. She took it from Kera and rolled her eyes.

"I'll get, you something." She pressed a smile.

Actually, Julie enjoyed visiting with Crosby's grandmother. She got the jest of how it was for Crosby, who had lived with Mimi since he was ten years old.

"I can't take care of him anymore." His grandmother shrugged, giving Julie a look that she needed to take Crosby off her hands. Julie hadn't meant to smile then. But things felt about as weird then as they did now. Crosby sitting on the couch all quiet.

"How did, you even get him here?" Mati cornered Julie in their tiny kitchen.

"What does it matter?" Julie fumed as she didn't want to go into the details of how Crosby's grandmother was getting all sexy with this new husband she'd brought home. Julie wasn't even sure Crosby had a home now. Actually, she felt kind of sorry for him.

She went to make a fresh drink for Crosby and brought it to him. Hopefully, Kera wasn't giving him the third degree.

Julie set next to him as she over heard Kera lashing out question after question about his education and job skills.

"Look, he's not a puppy." Julie informed her as Crosby studied his drink. She so wanted to have a spat with her sister. Finally, Kera went to the kitchen to get the snacks that Julie asked for.

"You're not..uncomfortable, are you?" She winced, hoping this wasn't making things worse.

He slightly shook his head, no and took a sip of the soda. Julie reached for the remote. ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE was on.

"I don't think I've ever watched this movie from beginning to end." She was being honest as she looked him over. He put his drink on the coaster on the coffee table.

Julie smiled and when she leaned was as if he was two steps ahead of her. A kiss. It was soft, and so much more than she really even remembered.

Actually, she did want to keep him. She didn't even hear her sisters come in with the chips and dip. Instead, they were left on their own. She guessed she wouldn't watch the ending of that old movie, this year either.


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