Monday, December 2, 2013

while the night's still young

while the night's still young

Julie was not one to boast, but she never took a relationship seriously. She thought of herself as being above all that. She laughed at her sisters when they always bickered about their boyfriends. She never had to worry.

Although, it could get rather lonely, but she thought it would be boring to have a boyfriend. Sure, she had her moments. Usually, she manned up to it. Where ever it was or whatever. There had been musical festivals where she fell in with some other reporter. That was when she was good and drunk and needed a laugh.

And yes, she needed a laugh. Thanksgiving sucked. Hansen wasn't around to cheer her up.

Since when did he take to liking this Sara? It was like a disease, she started to think. Didn't he see, she wasn't amused when he showed up with Sara at the concert?

Julie had to admit she didn't like sharing her buddy. Yes, that's what he was. Nothing more. Nothing less. Still, she really thought she could count on him. And now she couldn't.

So, she'd set out to make this right and when she woke up with Crosby..something went wrong.

She closed her eyes. She wasn't drunk. She wanted to hide under the covers as she rethought this through. How could she? What sort of fool sleeps with someone's roommate?

Well, sex was on her mind. Maybe it was a winter thing. So many excuses raced through her head. It was stupid, but it felt like a whim she needed to see through. And she did.

But as she turned away from Crosby before he could stir, she wondered if she should leave before he  awoke. Before Hansen got home. Maybe, they could forget this even happened.


Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Good grief. Tis the season for mischief and regrets.


ivy said...

Oh..I know its an Oops..situation, but it might come to haunt her.

deb said...

This is an oops moment ! How many of us have had these what was I thinking ! Captured it perfectly in this set and section of the story.